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I Wanna Get Back With You


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 Situation (Aggressive Attitude Part II Mix)
03 Situation (Sorrow Always Leads To Love Mix)
04 I Don’t Think So (LP Version)


01 I Wanna Get Back With You (Radio Version)
02 I Wanna Get Back With You (LP Version)
03 Situation (The Extended Mix)
04 Situation (LP Version)

INFO > Among the diverse pool of talent on Tom Jones’ 1994 album “The Lead And How To Swing It” is Tori Amos, who sings backing vocals on ballad “I Wanna Get Back With You.” That single also features Jones’ cover of “Situation”, for which Martin ‘Youth’ Glover revisited his 1990 ‘Aggressive Attitude Mix’ of the Yazoo classic, and cheekily tossed in the keyboard riff from “Don’t Go.” Glover’s ‘Extended Mix’ is digitally exclusive to the US promo.

Situation (1990 Remix)


01 Situation (Remix Edit) 02:24
02 State Farm (Madhouse Mix Edit) 03:19
03 Situation (The Aggressive Attitude Mix) 06:54
04 Situation (Space Dub) 04:56
05 Situation (Deadline Mix Edit)* 02:40

*Bonus track


01 Situation (1982 US Remix) 05:45
02 State Farm (Original 12″ Mix) 06:47
03 Situation (Original 7″ Mix) 02:27
04 State Farm (Alternate Edit) 04:11
05 Situation (US Remix Edit)* 03:46

*Bonus track

INFO > In between Depeche Mode and Erasure, Vince Clarke forged a brief but successful partnership with Alison Moyet as Yazoo (Yaz in the US). “Situation” first appeared as the B-side to Yazoo’s 1982 debut single, “Only You.” François Kevorkian remixed the track for a 12″ release in the US, and created an enduring dance classic. The tune was revisited in 1990 with new mixes from Kevorkian, Youth, and Mute main man Daniel Miller with Mark Saunders. Also, Paul Dakeyne updated “State Farm,” originally the B-side to “Nobody’s Diary.” The second CD single features Kevorkian’s 1982 remix and the original versions of both “Situation” and “State Farm.”


Yaz “Situation” (1982 US 12″)

This was the first cover of the US 12″, before the artist name was changed to Yaz due to a legal complaint from US based Yazoo Records. The Sire Records release features François Kevorkian’s 12″ Remix and 12″ Dub Mix.

The official video for the 1990 remix is rather pointless:

Naked In The Rain


01 Naked In The Rain (7″ Radio Mix)
02 Naked In The Rain (12″ Extended Mix)
03 Naked In The Rain (Pure Trance Mix)
04 Naked In The Rain (Paradise Mix)

INFO > “Naked In The Rain” is the 1990 debut single from producer Martin Glover and vocalist Durga McBroom. Joining Youth at the mixing board: Graham Massey (808 State) and Jimmy Cauty (The KLF).

[Can You] Feel The Passion


01 [Can You] Feel The Passion (7″ Version)
02 [Can You] Feel The Passion (U.S. Mix)
03 [Can You] Feel The Passion (Adrenalin Mix)
04 [Can You] Feel The Passion (House Mix)
05 [Can You] Feel The Passion (Zen Mix)

INFO > “[Can You] Feel The Passion” is the fourth single from Blue Pearl: Martin Glover (aka Youth) and Durga McBroom. The 1992 US issue features exclusive remixes by Carl Segal and Charlie Casanova.

I Don’t Want Your Love


01 I Don’t Want Your Love (Land Of Oz Edit)
02 I Don’t Want Your Love (Shiatsu Mix)
03 I Don’t Want Your Love (Agua Ambience)

INFO > Soul vocalist Lynda Law debuted on Johnson Dean’s 1989 single “Somebody Somewhere”, released through WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings. Law’s debut solo single, “I Don’t Want You Love”, was produced by Pete Lorimer and Youth, and issued in 1990 via the then-new Perfecto label.

Malcolm McLaren – Paris Paris


01 Paris Paris (Radio Edit)
02 Paris Paris (The Emotional Curvatone At A Given Moment In Space And Time)
03 Paris Paris (A Brief History Of Space)
04 Paris Paris (Sonic Bidet Mix)

INFO > Svengali of style and sound Malcolm McLaren (1946-2010) gave the punk movement its image and icons—McLaren owned a racy London clothing boutique, and managed the Sex Pistols during their brief but significant reign of mayhem. McLaren later managed Adam And The Ants and Bow Wow Wow, before fashioning his own career as a musical artist, notably helping to popularize hip hop in the UK. For his 1994 concept album, “Paris”, McLaren enlisted the vocal talents of François Hardy and actress Catherine Deneuve. Single “Paris Paris” features Deneuve and includes remixes by Youth and Kris Needs.

NOTE > Anyone have the “Revenge Of The Flowers” US promo CD?

Finitribe – Forevergreen

1993 Epic Records (US)
49K 74433

01. Forevergreen (Foreveregocentric Vocal Edit)
02. Forevergreen (Lunar Eclipse Mix)
03. Forevergreen (Extended Mix)
04. Forevergreen (Sunrise Mix)
05. Forevergreen (Forever Dreaming Mix)
06. 101 (Intensity Mix)
07. Forevergreen (Forevermost Excellent Edit)*

*Bonus track

INFO > Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1984, the first incarnation of Fini Tribe included David Miller, Philip Pinsky, John Vick, Simon McGlynn, Thomas McGregor, and vocalist Chris Connelly. The group’s original sound owed more to guitars than keyboards, but their style rapidly evolved into sample-laden industrial dance. After a brief period with Chicago’s Wax Trax label, the group slimmed down to the trio of Miller, Pinsky, and Vick, and signed with One Little Indian. An unrealized utopian future forms the theme of “Forevergreen”, the last of three singles released from Finitribe’s third album, “An Unexpected Groovy Treat.”


Marc Almond – Jacky

Marc Almond
1991 Sire Records (US)
9 40234-2

01. Jacky (Single Mix/7″ Version)
02. Jacky (Youth Remix/12″ Version)
03. Deep Night (12″ Version)
04. Jacky (Alpine Dub)
05. A Love Outgrown

INFO > Among Marc Almond’s many diverse influences is the oeuvre of Belgian troubadour Jacques Brel. Almond included compositions by Brel on his early solo releases with The Mambas, and later recorded a tribute album, 1989’s “Jacques.” For his 1991 opus “The Tenement Symphony”, Almond covered “La Chanson De Jacky” from Brel’s 1966 album, “Ces Gens-Là.” Produced by Trevor Horn, the song was chosen as the album’s lead single, featuring mixes by Youth, along with two exquisite B-sides.

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The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds

The Orb
“Little Fluffy Clouds”
1991 Big Life/Mercury Records (US)
865 139-2

01. Little Fluffy Clouds (Seven Inch Mk I) 04:04
02. Little Fluffy Clouds (Inner Master Mix) 03:57
03. Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix) 06:11
04. Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Mk II) 08:25
05. Little Fluffy Clouds (Heavyweight Dub) 06:30
06. Outlands (Fountain Of Elisha Mix) 08:05

INFO > In 1988, former Killing Joke roadie Alex Patterson and artist/musician Jimmy Cauty formed The Orb. As DJs in the chill out room at Paul Oakenfold’s Land Of Oz club night, the duo pioneered the ambient house genre, which favors relaxing atmosphere over pounding percussion. The two parted ways in 1990; Cauty focused on his other project, The KLF, while Patterson continued The Orb with Killing Joke bassist Martin Glover (aka Youth). Initially released in 1990, “Little Fluffy Clouds” is a genre defying classic, featuring samples from an interview with Rickie Lee Jones, as well as elements lifted from Steve Reich’s “Electric Counterpoint.” This 1991 US CD single includes mixes by Coldcut and Pal Joey, along with a remix of “Outlands” by Thomas Fehlmann, who would go on to be a longtime member of The Orb.

Little Fluffy Clouds

Tom Jones – Situation (The Youth Mixes)

Tom Jones
“Situation” (The Youth Mixes)
1995 Interscope Records (US) / ZTT Records (UK)
DMD 2194 / SAM 1544

01. Situation (Aggressive Attitude Part II Mix) 06:30
02. Situation (Sorrow Always Leads To Love Mix) 06:16
03. Situation (The Extended Mix) 06:27
04. Situation (7″ Album Version) 03:10

1, 2 sourced from: ZANG 64 CD, 1994 ZTT Records
3, 4 sourced from: PRCD 6047, 1994 Interscope Records

INFO > Welsh superstar Tom Jones went out on a limb with his 1994 LP, “The Lead and How to Swing It,” which places ‘The Voice’ in unfamiliar musical territories. The album features a variety of unexpected contributors, including: Teddy Riley, Trevor Horn, Jeff Lynne, Youth, Tori Amos, and The Wolfgang Press! But no matter the material, Jones makes it his own. For “Situation,” Youth (Martin Glover) recycled his 1990 remix of the Yazoo classic, creating an unlikely cover version belted out by Jones in his inimitable style. Youth also cheekily tosses in the keyboard riff from “Don’t Go.”

NOTE > While promotional 12″ singles were pressed in the US and UK, there was no corresponding CD. Tracks were assembled from commercial and promotional releases; above sleeve is that of the UK 12″.