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The Genius Of Alfred Matthew Yankovic

How can anyone not love “Weird Al” Yankovic, that purveyor of potent pop parodies? However, I do suspect that Al’s music probably has a polarizing effect on listeners—either you find his oeuvre to be comically brilliant or simply annoying.

Released last month, “Mandatory Fun” is Yankovic’s fourteenth studio album, and his first to top the US Billboard 200 chart. Among the LP’s clever ditties are “Tacky”, a celebration of social and fashion faux pas based on Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”; and “Word Crimes”, an educational send-up of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” While I loathe the original songs, both tunes become far more entertaining after undergoing Weird Al’s lyrical revisions.

The promo video for “Word Crimes” should be made mandatory viewing for all us illiterate Americans (yes, that adjective usage is regrettably redundant):

Visit Weird Al’s official pages on Vevo or YouTube for more of the master’s art.