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1994 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 22186 2 / 74321 22189 2

01 Magic (Radio Mix)
02 Magic (Sasha’s Black Magic Mix)
03 Magic (Sasha’s Voodoo Dub)
04 Magic (Junior’s Factory Mix)
05 Magic (Way Out West Mix)
06 Magic (Pob’s Seismix)*
07 Magic (John Digweed’s 3D Mix)
08 Higher Ground (Big Brother’s Mix)

*Bonus track not on original CD release

Sasha once again enlisted Sam Mollison for vocal duties on “Magic”, the follow-up single to “Higher Ground.”

Ajare (1997)


01 Ajare (Radio Edit)
02 Ajare (Way Out West Remix)
03 Ajare (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
04 Ajare (Original Version)
05 Ajare (Matthew Roberts Cloud 10 Mix)

There’s Nothing I Won’t Do


01 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Original Edit)
02 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (JX Original Mix)
03 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Red Jerry & JX Dub)
04 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Carl Cox Full House Remix)
05 There’s Nothing I Won’t Do (Way Out West Remix)

INFO > I can’t think of a more positive, uplifting, euphoric, energetic, full-on, hands-in-the-air anthem than JX’s “There’s Nothing I Won’t Do”—makes me wanna dance every time I hear it. Featuring vocalist Shèna, the tune was Jake Williams’ biggest hit, reaching 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 1996.

Dream On (US Promo)


01 Wet Dream (Way Out West’s Excellent Extended Mix)
02 Your Dream Or Mine (Way Out West’s Clubbable Club Mix)
03 Day Dream (Way Out West’s Very Own Radio Edit)

INFO > Officially titled “Dream On With The Art Of Noise All Mixed Up With Way Out West,” this promotional single features exclusive Way Out West remixes of “Dreaming In Colour” from The Art Of Noise’s 1999 album, “The Seduction Of Claude Debussy.”

Heaven [Feel An Extremity]


01 Heaven (Radio Edit)
02 Heaven (Radio Mix)
03 Heaven (Blue Amazon Remix)
04 Heaven (Kulturni Program Remix)
05 Heaven (Sky Soaring Remix)
06 Heaven (Way Out West Remix)*
07 Heaven (James Holden’s Ariane Dub)*

*Bonus tracks

INFO > As Ultra Violet, Simon Allert and Sandra Baschin recorded only two singles, of which 2000’s “Heaven” is the better known. The release was jointly issued by MFS in Germany and Silver Planet Recordings in the UK, although this CD single is a product of BMG Berlin Musik. Added as bonus tracks are the Way Out West and James Holden reworks exclusive to the Silver Planet package.

Last Rhythm (1996)


01 Last Rhythm (Jimmy Gomez Clubathon Edit)
02 Last Rhythm (Original Club Mix)
03 Last Rhythm (Way Out West Remix)
04 Last Rhythm (Sure Is Pure 1992 Remix)
05 Last Rhythm (Jimmy Gomez Voyage Of Discovery)

INFO > Italian production team Last Rhythm issued the original mixes of their eponymous house classic in 1990. Vocal versions appeared the following year, and then Stress picked up the single for a 1992 UK release, which includes a remix by Sure Is Pure. In 1996, Stress again reissued “Last Rhythm” with new mixes from James Wiltshire, Way Out West, and Desert.

Love Me Tonight


01 Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Xtended Mix)
02 Love Me Tonight (LuvDup Remix)
03 Love Me Tonight (Way Out West Mix)
04 Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint)
05 Love Me Tonight (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Mix)

INFO > Not to be confused with the same-named Philadelphia soul singer, Anthony White recorded two singles for the Italian UMM label in 1993; both were written, produced, and remixed by Gianni Bini and Fulvio Perniola (Fathers Of Sound). Stress licensed “Love Me Tonight” for a 1994 UK release featuring remixes by LuvDup, Way Out West, and James Wiltshire.



01 Bjango (Original Mix)
02 Bjango (Fluke Remix ‘Six To The Floor’)
03 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Remix)
04 Bjango (Way Out West ‘Bjangin’ Dub)
05 Bjango (Scope ‘Bjanjaxxed’ Mix)

INFO > In 1996, the Fluke trio of Jon Fugler, Mike Bryant, and Mike Tournier circumvented their contract with Circa by releasing Hi Life single “Bjango” under the alias Lucky Monkeys.

I Know The Lord (1996 Mixes)


01 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Born Again Radio Mix)
02 I Know The Lord (The Evangelist Radio Mix)
03 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Original Radio Mix)
04 I Know The Lord (Way Out West Epic Mix)
05 I Know The Lord (Gregorio Mix)
06 I Know The Lord (The Lords Anthem Born Again Mix)

INFO > No clue who produced this one-off single as The Tabernacle. “I Know The Lord” was initially released in 1995, then reissued the following year with new mixes, including an epic rework by WOW.

Way Out West – Domination

Way Out West
1996 Deconstruction Records (UK)
74321 34282 2

01. Domination (Radio Edit) 03:50
02. Domination (Mururoa Mix) 08:41
03. Domination (Bonkers Break Beat Mix) 06:15
04. Domination (Way Out West Dub) 07:34

INFO > JFK sampling, progressive breaks monster from Warren and Wisternoff. The ‘Mururoa Mix’ refers to the atoll in French Polynesia pictured on the cover, previously used as a nuclear test site by France. “Madness… Power… Domination.”