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How Much Can You Take?


01 How Much Can You Take? (Visual)
02 How Much Can You Take? (Emotional)
03 Voices From Another World
04 A New Beginning
05 How Much Can You Take? (Physical)

INFO > Released in 1993, “How Much Can You Take?” was the second of two singles produced by Harald Blüchel and Matthias Paul (better known as Cosmic Baby and Paul van Dyk), collaborating as The Visions Of Shiva.

The Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Day

The Visions Of Shiva
“Perfect Day”
1992 MFS (DE)
MFS 7022-5

01. Perfect Day
02. Perfect Night
03. Perfect Morning

INFO > With its contemporary origins tracing back to Kraftwerk, trance is a distinctly German genre. Released in 1992 on Mark Reeder’s Masterminded For Success imprint, “Perfect Day” was the first foray into production for a young Berlin DJ named Paul van Dyk, working in collaboration with Cosmic Baby and Jens Wojnar.