01 Harmony (The Big Bump Symphony)
02 Harmony (The FPI Funky Mix)
03 Harmony (The Martian Mix)
04 Harmony (The Train Mix)
05 Harmony (The Blue Bullet Dub)
06 Harmony (The Harmony Mix)

INFO > In 1989, Italian producers Marco Frattini, Corrado Foresti, and Roberto Biffi formed The FPI Project (the name is derived from their respective aliases: Fratty, Presti, and Intrallazzi). Luciano Bericchia (aka Luciano Berry) and Roberto Frattini (aka Aalgaard) were also part of the studio collective. In addition to a string of hits as The FPI Project, the group also released singles in the early-1990s under a chronologically evolving series of names: TC 1991 through TC 1995. For “Harmony”, released as TC 1993, the group borrowed elements from “Friendship Train”, a track on The Temptations’ 1970 album, “Psychedelic Shack.” The UK release via Union City Recordings features exclusive mixes by Bump (Marc Auerbach & Steve Travell).

Unity (Remixes)


01 Unity (Future Sound Of London 7″ Edit)
02 Unity (Future Sound Of London 12″ Remix)
03 Unity (Bassheads In The Area)
04 Unity (Future Sound Of London Tuff City)
05 Unity (Bassheads Dub Arena)

INFO > Initially issued in 1991 on the Cardiac label, “Unity” was produced by Robert Manley and Paul Witts. Manley would go on to manage Union City Recordings and subsequently reissue “Unity” in 1992 with new mixes from FSOL and Bassheads.

HELP > Does anyone have the original CD issue on Cardiac Records?

Funky Guitar


01 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Inna Milanese Stylee)
02 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Dub Excellence)
03 Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix)
04 Funky Guitar (Sure Shot Deep Mix)
05 Funky Guitar (Lionrock Milanese Instrumental)

INFO > Between 1991 and 1995, the Italian team of Luciano Bericchia, Roberto Biffi, Corrado Foresti, and Marco Frattini produced a single annually under the moniker ‘TC’, followed by the year of release (the quartet also records as FPI Project). Their 1992 release, “Funky Guitar”, was reworked by the most excellent Justin Robertson in his Lionrock guise.

Arizona – I Specialize In Love

“I Specialize In Love”
1994 Union City Recordings (UK)

01. I Specialize In Love (Old School Re-Union 7″ Mix)
02. I Specialize In Love (Greed House 7″ Mix)
03. I Specialize In Love (Serious Rope Edit)
04. Get With That (Hustlers Convention Remix)

INFO > Arizona is one of the many studio guises of Mike Gray and Jon Pearn, whose other aliases include Greed, Full Intention, and Hustlers Convention. Strongly associated with DMC and Stress, the duo has produced singles and remixes for various artists and labels since the early 1990s.

I Specialize In Love

Various Artists – Aural Opiates

Various Artists
“Aural Opiates”
1993 Virgin Records America (US)
0777 7 88270 2 3

01. Fluke – Slid (Glidub Mix)
02. 4 Love – Hold Your Head Up High (CJ FX Dub)
03. Arizona – Slide On The Rhythm (Funky Mix)
04. Mombassa – Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)
05. Massive Attack – Hymn Of The Big Wheel (Nellee Hooper Mix)
06. Int’l Foot Language – Life On Loop (Metallic Loops Of Fuz)
07. Heaven 17 – Penthouse And Pavement (Tommy D Master Mix)
08. OMD – Stand Above Me (A 10-Minute Therapy Session)
09. Inner City – Good Life (CJ’s Living Good Club Mix)
10. B.M. EX – Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)

INFO > Featuring five singles from Union City Recordings (six if you count the OMD track), “Aural Opiates” nicely complements the previously posted “Colours” compilation. Back in 1993, Phil Coxon’s remix of “Stand Above Me” was initially issued on a UCR promo 12″ (UCRTDJ18) under the band alias ‘Liberator’ so as to secure club play by American DJs (translating to dance chart placement).


Various Artists – Colours

Various Artists
1992 Union City Recordings (UK)

01. UFI – Understand This Groove (Vocal Remix)
02. Metropolis – Metropolis (Original Mix)
03. Mombassa – Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)
04. MK Featuring Alana – Burning (MK Remix Extended)
05. M.A.N.I.C. – I’m Coming Hardcore (Original)
06. TC 1991 – 1991 ‘Berry’ (Fratty Energy Version)
07. Urban Jungle – Bad Man (Original Mix)
08. TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (Lionrock Inna Milanese Stylee)
09. Metropolis – Hyporeel
10. B.M. EX – Appolonia (Qatmix)
11. MK Featuring Alana – Always (12″ Underground)
12. Unity – Unity (Future Sound Of London Piano City)

INFO > Virgin subsidiary Circa Records established Union City Recordings in 1992. Although short-lived, the dance label issued some exceptional singles by TC, Sasha (as B.M. EX), Metropolis (an alias of FSOL), Marc Kinchen, Sure Is Pure, Mike Gray & Jon Pearn (as Arizona), Tony Thorpe (as Urban Jungle), and RuPaul. This collection gathers several of UCR’s early singles.


Sultana – Te Amo

“Te Amo”
1994 Union City Recordings (UK)

01. Te Amo (John Digweed’s Full On Mix) 09:07
02. Te Amo (Digweed Dub) 09:27
03. Te Amo (Caliente Mix) 05:43
04. Te Amo (Powertrack Mix) 06:15
05. Te Amo (Mad Gipsy Mix) 06:08

INFO > Balearic flavored Italo house anthem; huge at Renaissance. A young John Digweed was on the mix for this 1994 UK release.

Te Amo

B.M. EX – Appolonia

1992 Union City Recordings (UK)

01. Appolonia (Qatmix)
02. Appolonia (Tamazamix)
03. Appolonia (Shaboo Dub)
04. Feel The Drop (Saxed Up)
05. Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)
06. Appolonia (Venus Dub)
07. Feel The Drop (Czechoslovakian Yeast Mix)

INFO > Before releasing original material as Sasha, Welsh DJ and producer Alexander Coe issued one single under the guise B.M. EX (short for Barry Manilow Experience). The hour-long EP combines mixes of two progressive house tracks, produced with long-time collaborator Tom Frederikse.