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Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet: Out Now


The Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet album is out now. Available to buy on iTunes and Juno. Other retailers to follow.

There is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like go ahead electronic wizardry from Alex Zelenka, the breathless cinematic thrill ride of QtheSuit, the jazz-flecked positivity of Sam Levine, the gentle acoustic laments of Stylusboy and Coolio Franco or the delicate Detroit techno of Larry Jefferson.

Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet aims to raise hope. All profits go to brain tumour charities in the UK and USA. In the UK, they go to The Brain Tumour Charity, the largest dedicated funder of brain tumour research. The album’s called Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet as that’s what doctors say when they have bad news. The really bad news. Like, there’s nothing more we can do bad.    I remember our last of those conversations:

Doctor: I’m afraid the spot on the…

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Shout Out: Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet

Acid Ted has harnessed the power of music for a very good cause. Please support his most excellent efforts for charity.


Teabags, tears and tunes to heal the soul. A new 14 track compilation of house, downtempo and indie, with all profits going to charity. The Let’s Go Somewhere Quiet album will be released worldwide on 20 August.

How many times do we hear that music can heal the broken-hearted? This new compilation from Acid Ted blog and THEE PAUSE takes you on a rollercoaster – the pain of hurt through to the blistering joy of being alive via a compilation of raucous dance, delicate house, acoustic indie and downtempo chill.

Crystal Castles remixer Alex Zelenka provides electronic wizardry in the pumping Gemini and Coventry’s QTheSuit offers twisted spybreaks in the cinematic thrill ride that is v6. The mysterious Larry Jefferson gives classic Detroit house sounds with Welcome.The other quieter side is shown by the heart-breaking poignancy of Stylusboy’s acoustic A Song for Noah and Coolio Franco’s Song for David. Sam Levine…

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Please support Acid Ted’s efforts to raise awareness and funds for this most worthy cause. Thank you.


As you may know, my son died of a brain tumour just before his fourth birthday. The Projecting Nothing label have kindly agreed to put out a compilation of unsigned artists, with profits going to Brain Tumour Trust (UK) and Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (USA).

I’m therefore asking musicians and graphic artists (they have to be unsigned) to send links to their best work to be released digitally worldwide. Please fill out the form here with your details and a link to the track to download If you don’t own the rights and publishing, please don’t submit. Submit by 15 May

100% of the profits of this compilation will be going to charity as well.  There are 10 spots for 10 artists / bands.   All genres considered.

If you want to know why this is important, please take the time to read my story here or his contemporary Thomas Bickle’s story

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