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All I Do


Jane Child
“All I Do”
1993 Warner Bros. Records (US)
9 41372-2

01 All I Do (Album Edit)
02 All I Do (TG Mix)
03 Do Whatcha Do (Nu Club Mix)
04 All I Do (MK Mix)
05 Here Not There (Radio Version)



01 Machines (LP Edit)
02 Machines (Metal Shop Edit)
03 Machines (Tony’s Edit)
04 Machines (Metal Shop Extended)
05 Machines (House Of Sprockets Mix)
06 Machines (Hammer & Saw Mix)
07 Rhythmik Vibrations
08 Tekno Vibrations

INFO > After relocating to Southern California with their family in the early-1980s, Liverpudlian brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds began producing electronic music. After a couple of band name changes (Shades Of May, Naïve Art), they settled on Red Flag. Released in 1992, “Machines” was a stopgap single issued in-between the duo’s 1989 debut album, “Naïve Art”, and their 1994 follow-up LP, “The Lighthouse.”

Rigor Mortis (1991 Remix)


01 Rigor Mortis (Manc Mix)
02 Rigor Mortis (Dub Mix)
03 Rigor Mortis (Transient Straight Mix)
04 Rigor Mortis (Transient Dub)
05 Rigor Mortis (Original Version)

INFO > EBM anthem “Rigor Mortis” was the 1987 follow-up to A Split – Second’s debut single, “Flesh.” Along with other tracks, “Rigor Mortis” was remixed in 1991 for the compilation “Flesh & Fire.” Tony Garcia sampled “Hallelujah” by Happy Mondays for his Madchester-tinged ‘Manc Mix.’



01 Heroin (V.R. Heroin)
02 Heroin (Original Mix)
03 Heroin (Needle Park Mix)
04 Heroin (Overlords Mix)
05 Heroin (Nosebleed Mix)

INFO > Former Generation X frontman Billy Idol (born William Broad) has sustained a solo career for over 30 years, experiencing his greatest success in the 1980s, thanks to catchy rock anthems and an MTV-ready glam-punk image.

Velvet Underground cover “Heroin” was the lead single from Idol’s 1993 experimental concept album “Cyberpunk.” Although a commercial failure, the album’s Macintosh-based, home studio production was ahead of its time. Equally groundbreaking was the promotional campaign for “Cyberpunk”, which employed the internet, e-mail, virtual communities, and multimedia software. Techno-tinged “Heroin” was remixed by Tony Garcia and The Overlords, who collectively created eight versions of the track.

While his fame has faded, the 57-year-old Idol still continues to record new music, collaborate with other artists, tour, and occasionally act.

(Not) LIVE > I’ve wanted to experience Billy Idol live since I was in high school over 25 years ago. So, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, the wife and I had planned to see Billy perform last night at The House of Blues in Atlantic City (yes, I know – very romantic). Unfortunately, Mrs. Shelf wasn’t feeling well, and frankly, I didn’t feel like driving to AC. Well, I’ve waited this long…

HELP > Anyone have the US promo CD for Idol’s 2001 recording of “Don’t You Forget About Me”?

When You Made The Mountain


01 When You Made The Mountain (Radio Edit)
02 When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix Edit)
03 When You Made The Mountain (Afro Cuban Radio Edit)
04 When You Made The Mountain (Extended Mix)
05 When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix)
06 When You Made The Mountain (Afro Cuban Trance Mix)
07 When You Made The Mountain (MK Dub)
08 When You Made The Mountain (Paul Gotel Club Mix)
09 When You Made The Mountain (Well Hung Parliament Adventure)

INFO > “When You Made The Mountain” was issued to promote OIII’s 1994 sophomore album, “Guru Mother.” The single was reworked by Marc Kinchen, Tony Garcia, and Paul Gotel; tracks from the US promo and commercial releases are consolidated here.

Deacon Blue – Your Town

Deacon Blue
“Your Town”
1993 Chaos Recordings (US)
42K 74959

01. Your Town (Euro 7″ Mix)
02. Your Town (Barrio Edit)
03. Your Town (Perfecto Mix)
04. Your Town (Relaxation Dub)
05. Your Town (Barrio Instrumental)

INFO > Scottish pop band Deacon Blue formed in 1985, and have experienced exceptional success in the UK over the past 25 years. Produced by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne, “Your Town” was the first single lifted from the group’s fourth album, “Whatever You Say, Say Nothing”; the tune was remixed by the Perfecto producers and Tony Garcia. On 24 September, Deacon Blue release a new album, “The Hipsters”, accompanied by a short tour in October, and the reissue of their back catalog through Edsel Records.

Your Town

The Lightning Seeds – Sense

The Lightning Seeds
1992 MCA Records (US)

01. Sense (Album Version)
02. The Life Of Riley (Tony Garcia Radio Mix)
03. Flaming Sword
04. Lucifer Sam

INFO > I posted the promotional version of this single back in April; however the commercial issue features two tracks not included on the promo CD: the radio edit of Tony Garcia’s ‘Rileyrama’ remix of “The Life Of Riley”; and Broudie’s cover of “Flaming Sword”, a song which he originally recorded with Paul Simpson as Care in 1983.


The Lightning Seeds – Sense (US Promo)

The Lightning Seeds
1992 MCA Records (US)

01. Sense 04:13
02. Lucifer Sam 03:05
03. The Life Of Riley (Rileyrama Mix) 05:25
04. Blowing Bubbles (Bigger Bubble Mix) 04:42
05. Open Goals 03:32
06. Something In The Air 03:37

INFO > In 1989, prodigious producer Ian Broudie turned his studio skills toward a recording career as The Lightning Seeds and quickly scored hits with “Pure” and “All I Want.” This US promotional single of “Sense” features several exclusive tracks: Tony Garcia’s extended remix of “The Life Of Riley,” a remix of “Blowing Bubbles” by Matt and Paul Sherrod, and the original version of “Open Goals” (a different mix appears on Broudie’s 1994 album, “Jollification”).


Real Life – Kiss The Ground

Real Life
“Kiss The Ground”
1990 Curb Records (US)

01. Kiss The Ground (LP Version)
02. Kiss The Ground (Down Under Mix)
03. Kiss The Ground (Dance Radio Edit)
04. (If I Was) God Tonight (12″ Version)
05. (If I Was) God Tonight (7″ Version)
06. Walls

2, 3 > Produced by Tony Garcia

INFO > This maxi CD includes both singles taken from the Aussie synthpop group’s third album, “Lifetime.” B-side “Walls” celebrates the destruction of the Berlin Wall, incorporating news media sound bites from coverage of that historic event.


Nitzer Ebb – Lightning Man + Getting Closer + Fun To Be Had

Nitzer Ebb
“Lightning Man + Getting Closer + Fun To Be Had”
1990 Geffen Records (US)
9 21602-2

01. Lightning Man (The Industry vs The Ebb Mix)
02. Lightning Man (Renegade Soundwave Mix)
03. Getting Closer (The Pool Mix)
04. Getting Closer (The Trance Mix)
05. Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix)
06. Fun To Be Had (Zulu Mix)
07. Fun To Be Had (The George Clinton Long Mix)

INFO > Essex industrialists Nitzer Ebb released three singles from their 1990 album, “Showtime.” This US CD Maxi Single compiles selections from the multiple UK and US formats, remixed by an all-star lineup of producers: Daniel Miller, Renegade Soundwave, Paul Kendall, Tony Garcia, Dust Brothers, and George Clinton.