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Wild Colour
1996 Kinetic/Reprise (US)

01 Dreams (Perfecto Radio Mix)
02 Dreams (Perfecto Club Mix)
03 Dreams (BT’s Circadian Dream)
04 Dreams (Tin Tin Out Vocal Mix)
05 Dreams (Perfecto Jeep Mix)
06 Dreams (Friscia’s Dreamy Vocal Mix)
07 Dreams (Friscia & Nevins Dreams Into The A.M. Dub)

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 US Number 1 hit “Dreams” was covered by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne under the alias Wild Colour, and issued as a single via Perfecto in 1995. The US release adds additional (crap) mixes by Glenn Friscia and Jason Nevins.

You’re Not Alone (UK Promo)


01 You’re Not Alone (Radio Edit) 03:50
02 You’re Not Alone (X-Press 2’s Vocal Voyage) 12:23
03 You’re Not Alone (Tin Tin Out Remix) 08:06
04 You’re Not Alone (Nightmares On Wax Remix) 07:04
05 You’re Not Alone (Black Olive’s End Of Time Mix) 06:41
06 You’re Not Alone (Roni Size Remix) 06:41

INFO > Olive comprised former Simply Red keyboardist Tim Kellet, one-time Nightmares On Wax programmer Robin Taylor-Firth, and vocalist Ruth-Ann Boyle. Breakbeat anthem “You’re Not Alone” was the trio’s second single; not particularly successful upon its initial release in 1996, the tune would find greater success when remixed and reissued the following year. Varying from the commercial CD release, this promo includes the full-length X-Press 2 remix, which is digitally exclusive to the disc.

Espiritu – Always Something There To Remind Me

“Always Something There To Remind Me”
1994 Columbia Records (UK)
660874 2

01. Always Something There To Remind Me (Radio Version)
02. Always Something There To Remind Me (Album Version)
03. Always Something There To Remind Me (Eric Kupper Radio)
04. Always Something There To Remind Me (Eric Kupper’s Dub)
05. Always Something There To Remind Me (Tin Tin Out Club Mix)

INFO > Espiritu started as a collaboration between French vocalist Vanessa Quinones and Chris Taplin, formerly of Frazier Chorus. Signed to Heavenly, the duo produced a handful of Latin-flavored dance pop singles in the early-1990s, including a cover of Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s “Always Something There To Remind Me.” Darren Stokes and Lindsay Edwards’ Club Mix was reissued the following year, credited to Tin Tin Out Featuring Espiritu.

Always Something There To Remind Me
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Pet Shop Boys – Paninaro ’95

Pet Shop Boys
“Paninaro ’95”
1995 EMI Records (US)
E2 58369

01. Paninaro ’95 (Pet Shop Boys Extended Mix)
02. Paninaro ’95 (Tin Tin Out Mix)
03. Paninaro ’95 (Tracy’s 12″ Mix)
04. Paninaro ’95 (Sharon’s Sexy Boyz Dub)
05. Paninaro ’95 (Angel Moraes Deep Dance Mix)

INFO > Pet Shop Boys are the best B-side band of all time. That’s my impression, although it must be obvious. In support of this assertion, I offer one of the duo’s most celebrated non-album tracks, “Paninaro.” Active in the early 1980s, Paninaro was an Italian youth movement fascinated with fashion and American culture. The Boys paid homage to the scene with the original version of “Paninaro”, which backed “Suburbia” in 1986; a limited edition 12″ featuring remixes of “Paninaro” was also issued in Italy. The tune’s appeal is greatly attributable to Chris Lowe’s handling of lead vocals—a rare occurrence in the PSB discography. In 1995, a re-recorded and remixed “Paninaro” received a proper single release to promote PSB B-side compilation, “Alternative.” Among the producers to rework the track were Tracy & Sharon—an alias of Tom Stephan and Fil Jones, who would go on to greater success as Superchumbo and Atomizer, respectively. Also, Tin Tin Out deliver one of their finest mixes, and Angel Moraes takes the tune into deep house territory.