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World Destruction


Time Zone
“World Destruction”
1992 Restless Records (US)
7 72661-2

01 World Destruction (12″ Mix)
02 World Destruction (7″ Mix)
03 World Destruction (12″ Instrumental)
04 The Wildstyle (Remix)
05 World Destruction (Meltdown Mix)

Afrika Bambaataa and John Lydon recorded apocalyptic electro anthem “World Destruction” in 1984. The song’s prescient lyrics have never been more relevant, providing chilling commentaries on our contemporary society:

Speak about destruction!

This is the World Destruction, your life ain’t nothin’
The human race is becoming a disgrace
Countries are fighting in chemical warfare
Not giving a damn about the people who live there

Nostradamus predicted the coming of the antichrist
Hey, look out! Third world nations are on the rise
The democratic-communist relationship
Won’t stand in the way of the Islamic force

The CIA is looking for other tactics
The KGB is smarter than you think
Brainwash mentalities to control the system
Using TV and movies, religions, of course

Yes, the world is heading for destruction
Is it a nuclear war what you’re asking for?

This is the World Destruction, your life ain’t nothin’
The human race is becoming a disgrace
The rich get richer, the poor are getting poorer
Fascist, chauvinistic government fools

Hebrews and Muslims, Christians and Hindus
Are in a Time Zone still searchin’ for the truth
Who are you to think you’re a superior race?
Racing for your everlasting doom

We are Time Zone. We’ve come to drop the bomb on you
About World Destruction – kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

This is the World Destruction, your life ain’t nothin’
The human race is becoming a disgrace
Nationalities are fighting with each other
Why is this? Because the system tells you

Putting people in racist categories
Knowledge isn’t what it used to be
Military tactics to control the nation
Who wants to be a president or king? Me!

Mother Nature is gonna work against you
There’s nothing in your power that you can do
Yes, the world is heading for destruction
You and I know it. The Bible tells you
If you don’t stop to look for a better life
The Earth will be destroyed in a Time Zone!

I’m in a Time Zone!
Speak about destruction!

Time Zone – World Destruction

Time Zone
“World Destruction”
1988 Virgin Records Ltd (UK)
CDT 29

01. World Destruction (Extended 12″ Remix) 05:34
02. World Destruction (12″ Instrumental Blast) 06:27
03. World Destruction (7″ Version) 03:50
04. World Destruction (7″ B-Side) 03:45

INFO > Hip hop and electro pioneer Afrika Bambaataa teamed up with former Sex Pistol and Public Image Limited frontman John Lydon to create this apocalyptic rap-rock hybrid, originally released on the Celluloid imprint in 1984 (CEL 176). Over 25 years later, the song’s commentaries on war, politics, religion, economic disparity, and nuclear armageddon are still frightfully relevant.