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1997 Perfecto/Warner Music (UK)

01 Places (7″ Mix)
02 Places (Luna Vocal)
03 Places (Transatlantic Dub)
04 Places (Suicide Dub)
05 Places (Three ‘N One Mix)

My Spirit


“My Spirit”
1997 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01 My Spirit (Radio Edit)
02 My Spirit (Original Tilt Mix)
03 My Spirit (Dizzy Remix)
04 My Spirit (Pink Bomb Remix)
05  My Spirit (Groovestation Extended Mix)



1997 WEA (UK)
WEA116CD1 / WEA116CD2

01 Home (Radio Edit)
02 Home (Original Mix)
03 Home (Solarstone Remix)
04 Home (Rob Green & Danny Howells Mix Of The Unknown DJ)
05 Home (The Space Brothers Remix)
06 Home (Original Dub)
07 Home (Salt Tank Reconstruction)


2000 WEA (UK)

01 Home (Above & Beyond Radio Mix)
02 Home (Above & Beyond Mix)
03 Home (Rob Searle’s Tweakin’ Mix)
04 Home (Tilt’s Topline Mix)
05 Home (Mara Vocal Remix)

Trance anthem “Home” is the second single produced by Rick Simmonds and Stephen Jones under their guise as Chakra, featuring vocalist Kate Cameron. Originally released in 1997, “Home” was remixed and reissued in 2000.

I Dream


01 I Dream (Casa De Angeles Mix)
02 I Dream (Tilted Dub)

I Turn To You


01 I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Mix)
02 I Turn To You (StoneBridge Club Mix)
03 Never Be The Same Again (Live At MTV)
04 I Turn To You (Hex Hector Club Mix)
05 I Turn To You (Tilt’s Maverick Remix)

INFO > When The Spice Girls debuted in 1996, Mel C was my least favorite. However, time has been kind to Sporty, and her Spice rank has subsequently improved. Released in 2000, “I Turn To You” was the fourth single from Melanie Chisholm’s debut solo album, “Northern Star.” The song topped the charts in the UK and several European countries, and Hex Hector’s remix earned him a Grammy Award. The above tracklisting is unique to the Australian CD single.



01 Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) 04:11
02 Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) 07:43
03 Rendezvous (Tilt’s Quadraphonic Mix) 08:03
04 Invisible (Original Vocal 12″) 08:04
05 I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) 07:25
06 What’s This? (Tilt’s Tunnel Mix) 6:46
07 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub) 09:00
08 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix) 12:31

INFO > In 1999, the Tilt trio of Michael Parks, Michael Wilson, and John Graham recycled their trance instrumental “Rendezvous” (written and produced with Paul van Dyk) into “Invisible”, featuring former Grace vocalist Dominique Atkins. From a collector’s perspective, it’s one of Hooj Choons’ most confounding releases: multiple slabs of promo vinyl and acetates feature various versions; however, the commercial 12″ only includes the ‘Lost Tribe Vocal Mix’ and “What’s This?” The two UK CD singles compile several—but not all—of the mixes, and they’re edited to comply with UK chart requirements; also, “What’s This?” is excluded entirely. The above tracklisting replicates promo CDR HOOJ073LCD, with additional bonus track ‘Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix.’

HELP > Anyone have the Australian CD with the full-length mixes?



01 Butterfly (Radio Edit)
02 Butterfly (Tilt’s Mechanism Mix)
03 The Phantom (Tilt’s Masked Mix)
04 Rendezvous (Quadrophonic Mix)
05 Butterfly (Son’s Freebassin’ Mix)

INFO > Having previously recorded as Ritmo De Vida and Ritmo Rivals, Mick Parks and Mick Wilson joined up with John Graham (aka Quivver) in 1995 to form Tilt. The trio released four singles through Perfecto, with Paul Oakenfold championing every one. Featuring Zee Cowling on vocals, “Butterfly” also includes a collaboration with Paul van Dyk—the massive trance anthem “Rendezvous.”

Jan Johnston – Flesh (UK Promo)

Jan Johnston
2001 Perfecto Records/Mushroom Records (UK)

01. Flesh (Paul Oakenfold’s Radio Edit) 03:53
02. Flesh (DJ Tiesto Mix) 07:58
03. Flesh (Tilt’s Going Home Mix) 10:49
04. Flesh (Tilt’s Going Home Dub) 10:16

INFO > Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to international dancefloor diva after Brian Transeau discovered one of her singles in the bargain bin of a Manchester record shop. BT sampled Johnston’s “The Prayer” for “Anomaly – Calling Your Name”; following the success of that single, Johnston’s vocals were sought after by many trance producers. Among them—Paul Oakenfold, who signed Johnston to Perfecto, where she recorded several singles and an unreleased album, “Emerging.” (anyone out there have a copy?)