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MOD Custom Collections

Greetings good people. Download links have been restored for these three custom collections exclusive to MOD:

Blue Amazon – Beyond The Javelin

Pet Shop Boys – Production

Various Artists – Skinnymalinky Foundations

Links are embedded in text at bottom of respective posts.

Also, the PDF of ‘The 100 Greatest Dance Singles Of All Time’ has been re-uploaded.

Finally, a reminder that all files previously posted on sister blog THE BANK are available again in one shared folder:


First, select the folder you want, then right-click to ‘Download as ZIP’ (don’t use the buttons in the upper right).


THE BANK Holiday Weekend

Once again, sorry about the short-lived link in the last post. Okay, so let’s try this again—the link below will provide access to all files previously posted on THE BANK:


IMPORTANT: First, select the folder you want, then right-click to ‘Download as ZIP’ (don’t use the buttons in the upper right).

The files will be deleted in two weeks, so get a move on.

And The Winner Is…

There were 97 entrants in our contest to win the MOD flash drive. Using the random number generator on, a recipient has been selected:

Ian Corcoran
Glasgow, Scotland

Congratulations Ian! As a consolation prize for everyone else, all files deleted from sister blog THE BANK have been made available again for a temporary time:


Best wishes to all for a safe and healthy New Year.


PS. Methods Of Dance is 6 today.

* Update: Apparently Dropbox doesn’t take kindly to public links receiving excessive traffic; consequently, THE BANK shared folder has been suspended. My apologies—I’ll see what I can do about getting those files stored elsewhere in the cloud.

Yello “Jingle Bells”

Didn’t want to reopen THE BANK just for one silly single…


01 Jingle Bells (Single Version) 02:58
02 Jingle Bells (Movie Version) 04:46
03 Jingle Bells (Santa Club Mix) 05:17

» Played at The Bank: “Jingle Bells” (Santa Club Mix)

Swiss electronic duo Boris Blank and Dieter Meier produced a twinkling techno version of seasonal classic “Jingle Bells” for the soundtrack to 1994 holiday comedy “The Santa Clause.” The Bank’s resident DJ, Bobby Startup, included the ‘Santa Club Mix’ among his early evening warm-up selections during December 1995.

NOTE » Special thanks to our good friend Sandman, curator of Off The Beat(EN) Trax, for helping me to finally identify this track after hearing it at THE BANK 19 years ago. Sandman posted this single on his blog last year, and I later found a cheap promo copy at a real record store (yes, they still exist).


Various Artists – THE BANK

The Bank CD 1

Over at our sister blog, THE BANK, we’ve finally reached the 100th post. To celebrate that milestone, I have compiled three volumes of tunes that were all classics at the former Philly dance spot.

Design dude Harry3 produced the packaging pictured above; you may recall that Harry also created the artwork for our custom Pet Shop Boys project, “Production.” The man certainly has undeniable skills and style.

For additional information, tracklistings, high quality images, and withdrawal links, please visit THE BANK.

(Please note that BANK100 will be that blog’s final update)

By the way, sorry I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately—flaking on updates and not responding to comments. Sadly, the old job gets in the way of doing fun stuff, as most of you can relate. Also, I’m still out there rescuing wildlife on a frequent basis. And honestly, it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about leisure pursuits given all of the horrible things happening around the world. This planet could use more peace, to say the least.

I’m heading off on a little holiday with the family, so the blog will be static for a while. Anyway, I know you all are understanding.

As always, thanks for your support of the blog.

THE BANK: March Statement

March 2014 Deposit Summary

05 Mar – BANK094: “Lightning Man”
12 Mar – BANK095: “I Beg Your Pardon”
19 Mar – BANK096: “What Time Is Love?”
26 Mar – BANK097: “Groovy Train”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Thank you for your patronage.

THE BANK: February Statement

February 2014 Deposit Summary

05 Feb – BANK090: “Psyche-Out”
12 Feb – BANK091: “Kiss Them For Me”
18 Feb – BANK092: “There’s No Other Way”
25 Feb – BANK093: “Theme From S’Express”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Thank you for your patronage.


To commemorate the 25th anniversary of THE BANK’s opening, the tribute blog has been temporarily reopened.

December 2013 Deposit Summary

11 Dec – “Lucretia My Reflection”
14 Dec – “Don’t You Want Me”
18 Dec – “Theme From Mission: Impossible”
21 Dec – “Plastic Dreams”
29 Dec – “Pressure Us”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Unfortunately, withdrawal links for older deposits remain disabled and will not be restored.

Thank you for your patronage.

HELP > Back in the early 1990s (maybe 1993 or 1994?), someone produced a dance track based on Julius Fučík’s “Entrance Of The Gladiators”, a classical composition later rearranged by Louis-Philippe Laurendeau as “Thunder And Blazes”, which subsequently became popular as a circus march. Is anyone familiar with the techno version and know who the artist is?

THE BANK: December Statement

December 2012 Deposit Summary

06 Dec – “Hippychick”
11 Dec – “Witch Doktor”
16 Dec – “Girls And Boys”
21 Dec – “Your Loving Arms”
27 Dec – “I’m Ready”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Please be advised that THE BANK is now officially closed.

Thank you for your patronage, and Happy New Year.

THE BANK: November Statement

November 2012 Deposit Summary

01 Nov – “Condemnation”
06 Nov – “Read My Lips”
13 Nov – “Pride”
21 Nov – “EBTTRT”
26 Nov – “Spooky”

Available for immediate withdrawal at THE BANK.

Please be advised that THE BANK is now closed until the coming New Year, and available deposits will be removed shortly.

Thank you for your patronage, and happy holidays.