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Do What You Do

Here’s another dose of Annabella Lwin, courtesy of Dana.


01 Do What You Do (Radio Version)
02 L.O.V.E.
03 Stone Jumping
04 Hey You [Don’t Bring Me Down]
05 Do What You Do (Sound Factory Vocal)
06 Do What You Do (Whole Lotta Soul)
07 Do What You Do (Valentine Vocal)
08 Do What You Do (Fire Island Dub)

INFO > Sony shelled out for some heavy hitters to remix Annabella Lwin’s second single for the Soho Square imprint: Junior Vasquez, Terry Farley & Pete Heller, and Dave Valentine all reworked “Do What You Do.” All unique tracks from both UK CD singles are consolidated here.

HELP > Anyone have the UK promo CD?

I Like It


01 I Like It (Lisa Marie Radio Experience)
02 I Like It (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)
03 I Like It (Fire Island Main Mix)
04 I Like It (Victor’s (Green) Light & Sexy Vocal Mix)
05 I Like It (Mark!’s Shelter Vocal)

INFO > Twenty years ago, DJ Angel Moraes set up the Hot ‘N’ Spycy imprint and started producing deep and dirty house hits like “Heaven Knows” and “Welcome To The Factory.” In 1996, Subversive picked up Moraes’ 1994 single “I Like It” and tapped Heller & Farley for new mixes; AM:PM subsequently licensed that package and added additional mixes by Lisa Marie Experience, Victor Imbres, Mark Picchiotti, and Phil Kelsey for a 1997 reissue.

Primal Scream – Come Together

Primal Scream
“Come Together”
1990 Sire Records (US)
9 26384-2

01. Come Together (7″ Version)
02. Loaded (7″ Version)
03. Come Together (Terry Farley Remix)
04. Loaded (Weatherall Mix)
05. I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have
06. Ramblin’ Rose (Live N.Y.C.)
07. Loaded (Terry Farley Remix)

INFO > This US CD maxi-single combines two early Primal Scream classics: “Loaded” (Creation UK CRE 070) and “Come Together” (CRE 078). With Andrew Weatherall’s seminal revision of “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have”, and Terry Farley’s remixes of “Come Together” and “Loaded”, it’s a bona fide Boy’s Own party.


Heller and Farley Project – Ultra Flava

Heller and Farley Project
“Ultra Flava”
1996 AM:PM Records (UK)
581 437-2

01. Ultra Flava (Vox Edit)
02. Ultra Flava (Original Edit)
03. Ultra Flava (Original Flava)
04. Ultra Flava (Grant Nelson’s 3 Tier Experience)
05. Ultra Flava (Vox Version)
06. Ultra Flava (Pete’s Dub)

INFO > In 1995, Pete Heller and Terry Farley recycled their remix of Ultra Naté’s “How Long” from two years earlier and included an instrumental dub on “From The Dat Vol. 1” (Jus’ Trax, JST 09). The cheekily titled “Ultra Flava” became an international hit when released as a proper single the following year.


Fire Island – There But For The Grace Of God

Fire Island
“There But For The Grace Of God”
1993 Junior Boy’s Own (UK)

01. There But For The Grace Of God (Fire Island Radio Mix)
02. There But For The Grace Of God (Roach Motel Mix)
03. There But For The Grace Of God (Roach Motel Dub)

INFO > Farley and Heller produced this cover of Machine’s 1979 disco classic under their Fire Island guise; however it’s the duo’s Roach Motel mixes that had dancefloors percolating back in the day. The boys delivered some brilliant house dubs in the 1990s—this is my favorite among them.


Happy Mondays – Stinkin Thinkin

Happy Mondays
“Stinkin Thinkin”
1992 Factory Communications Ltd (UK)
FACD 362

01. Stinkin Thinkin (Stephen Hague 7″)
02. Stinkin Thinkin (Boy’s Own Mix)
03. Baby Big Head
04. Stinkin Thinkin (Junior Style)

FACT > Farley and Heller’s Junior Style mix makes this one a keeper; there’s no trace of the original tune, mind you—just a killer groove and great vocal hooks.

And after all these years, I only recently learned that producer Stephen Hague is American. Given his seminal work with many notable UK bands (OMD, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Erasure), I had always assumed he was British or European. Go figure.


The Grid – A Beat Called Love

The Grid
“A Beat Called Love”
1990 EastWest Records (UK)

01. A Beat Called Love (7″ Mix)
02. A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Club)
03. A Beat Called Love (A Beat Called Dub)

INFO > Early single by Dave Ball and Richard Norris, reworked by Boy’s Own stalwarts Terry Farley and Pete Heller.


The Aloof – Purity

The Aloof
1992 Cowboy Records (UK)

01. Purity (7″ Edit)
02. Purity (Full Vocal Mix)
03. Purity (Junior Style Remix)
04. Purity (Oh Dear Mix)
05. Purity (The D.O.P. Deep Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > Prior to developing their familiar downtempo sound, The Aloof maintained a more housey, Balearic vibe on early singles. Farley and Heller polish up “Purity” in their distinctive style, while D.O.P. take the tune on a dark, throbbing, electronic excursion.


Sunscreem – Perfect Motion

“Perfect Motion”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658405 2

01. Perfect Motion 04:10
02. Perfect Motion (Boy’s Own Mix) 09:51
03. Perfect Motion (Rhythm’s A Drug) 06:13
04. Perfect Motion (Drowning In Your Blood Mix) 05:20
05. Perfect Motion (One Down Mix) 05:02
06. Perfect Motion (Vocal Mix)* 08:34

*Bonus track, sourced from: Sunscreem “White Skies” (662742 5)

INFO > In the mid-1980s, Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm played together in an unsigned synthpop outfit called Shot The Rapids. That project failed to pan out, but Carnell and Holm gathered local talent in their hometown Essex and formed pop dance combo Sunscreem in 1991. Creating a rave-like experience during their live shows, the band quickly caught the attention of major label Sony. Issued on the Soho Square imprint, Sunscreem’s debut album “O₃” was a huge success in both the UK and US. “Perfect Motion” was the group’s fourth single, featuring Terry Farley and Pete Heller’s brilliant Boy’s Own Mix, alongside remixes by Carl Cox and Leftfield.