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01 Harmony (The Big Bump Symphony)
02 Harmony (The FPI Funky Mix)
03 Harmony (The Martian Mix)
04 Harmony (The Train Mix)
05 Harmony (The Blue Bullet Dub)
06 Harmony (The Harmony Mix)

INFO > In 1989, Italian producers Marco Frattini, Corrado Foresti, and Roberto Biffi formed The FPI Project (the name is derived from their respective aliases: Fratty, Presti, and Intrallazzi). Luciano Bericchia (aka Luciano Berry) and Roberto Frattini (aka Aalgaard) were also part of the studio collective. In addition to a string of hits as The FPI Project, the group also released singles in the early-1990s under a chronologically evolving series of names: TC 1991 through TC 1995. For “Harmony”, released as TC 1993, the group borrowed elements from “Friendship Train”, a track on The Temptations’ 1970 album, “Psychedelic Shack.” The UK release via Union City Recordings features exclusive mixes by Bump (Marc Auerbach & Steve Travell).