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Twist In My Sobriety (The Remixes)

A warm welcome back to Sandman, who has reactivated his excellent blog, Off The Beat(EN) Trax. We are all the richer for his return!


01 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Radio)
02 Twist In My Sobriety (Phil Kelsey Vocal)
03 Twist In My Sobriety (Extended Bumps Fluidity Mix)
04 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Vocal)
05 Twist In My Sobriety (SFX Sobriety Mix)

INFO > “Twist In My Sobriety” was the second release by exotic vocalist Tanita Tikaram. Originally released in 1988, the single was a hit in several European countries. The song was remixed in 1996 to promote “The Best Of Tanita Tikaram”; however, Tikaram did not approve the new versions.

NOTE > This single was one of the final posts on Sandman’s old blog (he beat me to it :-). As it wasn’t available long, I figured those who missed it then would appreciate it now.