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Always On My Mind


01 Always On My Mind (Full Intention Radio)
02 Always On My Mind (Full Intention Electric Funk Mix)
03 Always On My Mind (Tall Paul’s INCredible Remix)
04 Always On My Mind (Full Intention Electric Funk Dub)
05 Always On My Mind (Mark!’s Kiwi Dream House Dub)
06 Always On My Mind (Colour System Inc Amber Vox)
07 Always On My Mind (Colour System Inc Gold Vox)
08 Always On My Mind (Southern Cross Vocal Mix)*

*Bonus track

INFO > Sam Mollison’s 1998 single “Always On My Mind” was the first release on Sony’s INCredible dance imprint. There are yet more remixes across various slabs of vinyl, but curiously, no original version.



01 100% (Lord ‘N’ Elliot Radio Edit)
02 100% (One World Radio Edit)
03 100% (Tall Paul Remix)
04 100% (Dr. Ju Remix)
05 100% (Qattara Remix)
06 100% (Motiv 8 Remix)
07 100% (Eddy Fingers Remix)

INFO > Scottish songstress Mary Kiani first found fame in the early-1990s as the voice of rave group The Time Frequency. After going solo in 1994, Kiani racked up several UK hit singles, no doubt helped by Mercury’s seemingly unlimited budget for remixes. Annoyingly, both the Qattara and Eddy Fingers mixes are faded early on the CD single of “100%” to comply with UK chart rules.

Don’t Be Afraid


01 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Radio Mix)
02 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Remix)
03 Don’t Be Afraid (Tall Paul Remix)
04 Don’t Be Afraid (Original Mix)
05 Don’t Be Afraid (Distant Drums Mix)
06 Don’t Be Afraid (Brittany Dub)
07 Galaxia (Qattara Remix)
08 Galaxia (Original Mix)

INFO > “Don’t Be Afraid” was the first of three singles released by Ferry Corsten under the alias Moonman. Originally released in 1996, the single was licensed by Heat Recordings for a UK release the following year; the CD issue also includes mixes of “Galaxia” (tracks from both discs are consolidated here). Along with reworks from Jim Eliot and Paul Newman, the package also features remixes by Beat Foundation bandmates Andy Cato and Mike Mukhopadhyay under their respective guises as Qattara and Distant Drums.

Umboza – Cry India

“Cry India”
1995 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Cry India (Radio Edit)
02. Cry India (Tocayo’s Vital Organ Mix)
03. Cry India (Tall Paul Remix)
04. Cry India (Divine’s Full Blown Dub)
05. Cry India (The Ark Anthem Mix)
06. Cry India (Tall Paul Dub)

INFO > Produced by Stuart Crichton and Michael Kilkie, this Lionel Richie-sampling chart hit is crap, but I love Tall Paul’s mix.

Cry India

Cappella – U Got 2 Know

“U Got 2 Know”
1993 Internal Dance (UK)

01. U Got 2 Know (À La Carte Paris Mix Edit)
02. U Got 2 Know (À La Carte Paris Mix)
03. U Got 2 Know (11AM At Trade Mix)
04. U Got 2 Know (Extended Club Mix)
05. U Got 2 Know (Coffee Mix)
06. U Got 2 Know (Underground Mix)

INFO > Prolific Italian producer Gianfranco Bortolotti founded Media Records in 1986; the label served as the home for numerous Italo-house acts of the late-1980s and 1990s, including: 49ers, Clock, Club House, East Side Beat, R.A.F., and Fargetta. Dating back to 1987, Cappella is among Bortolotti’s most successful projects. The group’s big hit “U Got 2 Know” features a vocal sample from Ralphi Rosario’s “You Used To Hold Me”, and the tune’s synth riff is based on the intro to “Happy House” by Siouxsie & The Banshees.


S.A.S. – Amber Groove (1997 Remixes)

“Amber Groove” (1997 Remixes)
1997 Distinct’ive Records (UK)

01. Amber Groove (Ramp Radio Edit)
02. Amber Groove (Tall Paul Radio Edit)
03. Amber Groove (Ramp Club Mix)
04. Amber Groove (Amber Gambler Mix)
05. Amber Groove (Tall Paul Remix)
06. Amber Groove

INFO > Ramp toughens up the groove but stays faithful to the original tune, while Tall Paul does his hard house thing.


Mothers Pride – Floribunda

Mothers Pride
1998 Heat Recordings (UK)

01. Floribunda (Radio Edit)
02. Floribunda (Big C Remix)
03. Floribunda (Tall Paul Remix)
04. Floribunda (Original Mix)
05. Floribunda (Andy Mowat Remix)

INFO > This summery progressive house choon was the first release on Big C’s Skinnymalinky label (SMR00195). Licensed by Heat in 1998, the reissued single features an updated mix by Big C, alongside remixes from Tall Paul and Andy Mowat.