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Chronologie Part 4 (Remix)

Jean-Michel Jarre
“Chronologie Part 4”
1993 Polydor (DE)
859 111-2 / 861 905-2

01 Chronologie Part 4 (Atomium Mix Edit)
02 Chronologie Part 4 (SXS Mix)
03 Chronologie Part 4 (Emergency Mix)
04 Chronologie Part 4 (Atomium Mix)
05 Chronologie Part 4 (Dream Time Mix)
06 Chronologie Part 4 (E-Motion Mix)
07 Chronologie Part 4 (Tribal Trance Mix)
08 Chronologie Part 4

Remixed by Praga Khan, Sunscreem, and Jamie Petrie, “Chronologie Part 4” was the lead single released from Jean-Michel Jarre’s 1993 album, “Chronologie.” All tracks from both German CD singles are consolidated here.

Looking At You


“Looking At You”
1996 Columbia Records (US)
44K 78249

01 Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez Radio Edit) | 03:35
02 Looking At You (Mendelsohn Edit) | 03:39
03 Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez Club Mix) | 10:38
04  Looking At You (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Dub) | 09:40
05 Looking At You (Corvette Mix) | 7:52
06 When (K-Klassix Mix) | 7:59

Sunscreem’s “Looking At You” was a US exclusive single in 1996 (the UK received a promo 12″); however, it was reissued two years later by Bonzai in some EU countries. The track was remixed by Jimmy Gomez (James Wiltshire) and Joe T. Vannelli; also included is the K-Klass remix of earlier single, “When.”


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01 Empirion – Narcotic Influence 1
02 Anna Crusis – XS
03 Anna Din – Angel (Dub)
04 Animation – I Wanna Be In Love (Valentine Mix)
05 Anna Nas – Part II
06 In Ovo – Kazoo
07 Empirion – Narcotic Influence 2
08 Anna Din – Vibe (Dub)
09 Analog Minds – Astral Projection
10 In Ovo – Ambi

INFO > Outside of their work in Sunscreem, Paul Carnell and Rob Fricker produced a series of singles under the aliases Anna Crusis, Anna Din, and Anna Nas. Some of those tracks are collected on “Pannarama”, along with releases from other artists.

Sunscreem – Broken English

“Broken English”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658872 2 / 658903 2 / 658903 5 / XPCD 241

01. Broken English (7″ Version) 03:36
02. Broken English (7″ Extended Version) 04:56
03. Broken English (Slam Vocal Mix) 06:44
04. Broken English (Slam Sub Dub) 06:41
05. Broken English (Distorted English) 06:19
06. Broken English (Broken Rhythm) 08:56
07. Broken English (SXS Vocal Mix) 08:26
08. Broken English (The Well Hung Parliament Mix) 08:58

INFO > Sunscreem’s fifth single was an inspired cover of Marianne Faithfull’s 1980 anti-war anthem, “Broken English.” There’s no shortage of remixes across the various formats, with reworkings courtesy of Phil Bodger, Slam, The Wizard Of Oz, Dave Valentine, Paul Gotel, and band members Lucia Holm and Sean Wright.


Sunscreem – Perfect Motion

“Perfect Motion”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658405 2

01. Perfect Motion 04:10
02. Perfect Motion (Boy’s Own Mix) 09:51
03. Perfect Motion (Rhythm’s A Drug) 06:13
04. Perfect Motion (Drowning In Your Blood Mix) 05:20
05. Perfect Motion (One Down Mix) 05:02
06. Perfect Motion (Vocal Mix)* 08:34

*Bonus track, sourced from: Sunscreem “White Skies” (662742 5)

INFO > In the mid-1980s, Paul Carnell and Lucia Holm played together in an unsigned synthpop outfit called Shot The Rapids. That project failed to pan out, but Carnell and Holm gathered local talent in their hometown Essex and formed pop dance combo Sunscreem in 1991. Creating a rave-like experience during their live shows, the band quickly caught the attention of major label Sony. Issued on the Soho Square imprint, Sunscreem’s debut album “O₃” was a huge success in both the UK and US. “Perfect Motion” was the group’s fourth single, featuring Terry Farley and Pete Heller’s brilliant Boy’s Own Mix, alongside remixes by Carl Cox and Leftfield.