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Healing Dream

Sunday Club
“Healing Dream”
1997 Stress Records (UK)

01 Healing Dream (Original Mix)
02 Healing Dream (Paul van Dyk Remix)
03 Healing Dream (Dub Mix)

Forever And A Day

Brothers In Rhythm Present Charvoni
“Forever And A Day”
1994 Stress Records (UK)

01 Forever And A Day (Radio Mix)
02 Forever And A Day (Phil Kelsey Mix)
03 Forever And A Day (Big Brothers Remix)
04 Forever And A Day (Original Club Mix)
05 Forever And A Day (E-Lustrious Mix)

“Forever And A Day” was the third and final single produced by Brothers In Rhythm Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman, along with vocalist Charvoni Woodson.

Call Him Up

Voices Of 6th Avenue
“Call Him Up”
1992 Stress Records (UK)

01 Call Him Up (Brothers In Rhythm Radio Mix)
02 Call Him Up (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
03 Call Him Up (Brotherly Dub)
04 Call Him Up (Slam Mix)
05 Call Him Up (New Life Club Mix)
06 Call Him Up (Light House Dub)

Gospel influenced club track “Call Him Up” was produced by the NJ duo of Bryan ‘Shank’ Thompson and Paul Scott (Brothers Of Peace), along with Tyrone Payton. Originally issued in 1992 on Ace Beat Records in the US, the single was licensed by Stress for a UK release with remixes by Brothers In Rhythm and Slam, and new mixes by B.O.P.

Feelings Run So Deep


01 Feelings Run So Deep
02 Quadraped
03 Moods

INFO > Issued in 1996 on Stress Records, “Feelings Run So Deep” was the third release by Paul Kane & Paul Pringle as Desert. The CD includes the ‘Club Mix’ of earlier single, “Moods.”

Coming Home


01 Coming Home (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix Edit)
02 Coming Home (Coyote Remix Edit)
03 Coming Home (Sunday Club Remix)
04 Coming Home (Freefall Remix)

INFO > Legendary Detroit producer ‘Magic’ Juan Atkins released a couple of garage singles under the alias Visions in the early-1990s. Originally issued by Flying Records in 1993, “Coming Home” was licensed by Stress Records in 1996 and given the full remix treatment. The reissue’s emphasis is clearly on epic house, with only Danny Tenaglia’s ‘Club Mix’ being carried over from the original Italian 12″.

Stress Records Autumn ’96 Sampler


01 Superstars Of Rock – Up All Night (Queenbag Version)
02 Palefield Mountain – On My Way
03 Visions – Coming Home (Coyote Remix)
04 Q-Dos – Nocturnal Spirit (Edit)
05 Sunday Club – Healing Dream (Original Mix)
06 Joy For Life – Watcha Gonna Do (Tangled In Dub)
07 Desert – Quadraped
08 Desert – Feelings Run So Deep
09 Coyote – Spirits Dancing (Digital Blondes Ghost Mix)
10 Full Intention – America (DJ Tonka Remix)

INFO > This 1996 promotional sampler will be of interest to fans of Stress Records and prog house. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 9 are all digitally exclusive to the CD; but unfortunately, the Digital Blondes remix of “Spirits Dancing” fades out halfway through the selection. Tracks 8 and 10 also end early; however, full-length versions are available on CD singles.

Calm Down

Andrei has been the source of all your Stress this week. Spasibo!


01 Calm Down (Diamond Geezers Edit)
02 Calm Down (Original Club Mix)
03 Calm Down (Safe Sax Mix)
04 Calm Down (Mad Dog Remix)
05 Calm Down (Mindwarp Remix)
06 Calm Down (Route 66 Stress Anthem Mix)
07 Calm Down (Route 66 Dubster)

INFO > In 1994, Chris Day and James Bradley ensured that no dance floor would calm down while their club anthem played. “Calm Down” was remixed by Coyote, Mindwarp, and Route 66; the latter’s ‘Stress Anthem Mix’ namechecks several of that label’s artists, along with various classic UK club nights.

Last Rhythm (1996)


01 Last Rhythm (Jimmy Gomez Clubathon Edit)
02 Last Rhythm (Original Club Mix)
03 Last Rhythm (Way Out West Remix)
04 Last Rhythm (Sure Is Pure 1992 Remix)
05 Last Rhythm (Jimmy Gomez Voyage Of Discovery)

INFO > Italian production team Last Rhythm issued the original mixes of their eponymous house classic in 1990. Vocal versions appeared the following year, and then Stress picked up the single for a 1992 UK release, which includes a remix by Sure Is Pure. In 1996, Stress again reissued “Last Rhythm” with new mixes from James Wiltshire, Way Out West, and Desert.

Love Me Tonight


01 Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Xtended Mix)
02 Love Me Tonight (LuvDup Remix)
03 Love Me Tonight (Way Out West Mix)
04 Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint)
05 Love Me Tonight (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Mix)

INFO > Not to be confused with the same-named Philadelphia soul singer, Anthony White recorded two singles for the Italian UMM label in 1993; both were written, produced, and remixed by Gianni Bini and Fulvio Perniola (Fathers Of Sound). Stress licensed “Love Me Tonight” for a 1994 UK release featuring remixes by LuvDup, Way Out West, and James Wiltshire.

Change (1995)


01 Change (Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
02 Change (Jimmy Gomez Expresso Edit)
03 Change (Lite & Sweet Club Mix)
04 Change (Fathers Of Sound Classic Vocal Mix)
05 Change (Fathers Of Sound Sunset Vocal Mix)
06 Change (Cafe Con Daphne)

INFO > Between 1988 and 1992, Daphne Rubin-Vega was the only constant member of Pajama Party, and consequently appears on all of the freestyle trio’s recorded output. After the Party ended, Daphne embarked on a solo singing career, and then transitioned onto stage and screen, most notably starring in the original Broadway production of “Rent.” Originally issued in 1994, “Change” was Daphne’s second single, produced by Danny Tenaglia. Stress licensed the release and reissued it the following year with new mixes from Brothers In Rhythm, Fathers Of Sound, and James Wiltshire.