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01 Perfect (Album Version)
02 Perfect (Nellee Hooper Mix)
03 Perfect (Nellee Hooper Instrumental)
04 Perfect (Perfecto Mix)
05 Perfect (Electro Breakbeat Mix)
06 Perfect (Perfecto Dub)

INFO > Phil left an interesting comment on yesterday’s post, contemplating how many singles by undesirable artists that he’s purchased for a particular remix. I can readily empathize, Phil; Lenny Kravitz is out of place in my collection, but those BT remixes earned him space on the rack. Continuing that theme, The Smashing Pumpkins would not otherwise find favor in my home were it not for the power of Perfecto. The Pumpkins’ 1998 single “Perfect” was reworked by Nellee Hooper and Paul Oakenfold; while Hooper doesn’t stray far from the original, Oakey turns the track into a trance-breaks monster.