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Street Of Dreams

Nia Peeples
“Street Of Dreams”
1991 Charisma (US)

01 Street Of Dreams (Radio Version)
02 Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone 12″ Remix)
03 Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone House Mix)
04 Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone Moody Mix)
05 Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone House Dub)
06 Street Of Dreams (Shep Pettibone 7″ Mix)
07 Just Sing

Trouble (US Promo)

Nia Peeples
1988 Mercury (US)
CDP 11

01 Trouble (7″ Version)
02 Trouble (12″ Remix)
03 Trouble (Dub Mix)
04 Trouble (Instrumental)

Something About You

Level 42
“Something About You”
1988 Polydor (UK)
080 002-2

01 Something About You (Sisa Mix)
02 Coup D’état (Version)
03 Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix)

One of Level 42’s biggest hit singles, “Something About You” preceded the release of the band’s sixth album, “World Machine”, in 1985.

Walking Away (US Promo)


Information Society
“Walking Away” (US Promo)
1988 Tommy Boy/Reprise Records (US)

01 Walking Away (Radio Version)
02 Walking Away (LP Version)
03 Walking Away (Space Age Mix)
04 Walking Away (S.M.D. Mix)

InSoc followed up their big hit “What’s On Your Mind” with “Walking Away”; the single climbed to 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Shep Pettibone remixed the track, which features more “Star Trek” samples.

Behind The Wheel (US Promo)


Depeche Mode
“Behind The Wheel” (US Promo)
1988 Sire Records (US)

01 Behind The Wheel (7″ Remix)
02 Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Mega-Single Mix)
03 Route 66 / Behind The Wheel (Mega-Single Mix)
04 Behind The Wheel / Route 66 (Megamix)
05 Behind The Wheel (Beatmasters Mix)
06 Behind The Wheel (Extended Remix)

While the boys from Basildon have popped up on several compilations featured here, Depeche Mode has never been the focus of a post until now. “Behind The Wheel” is one of my favorite DM singles, and while the album version is the definitive mix, the remixes are excellent. Shep Pettibone and The Beatmasters pep up the beats to make the track more dancefloor-friendly, while Ivan Baker creates a megamix with B-side “Route 66.”

I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That (US Promo)


Elton John
“I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” (US Promo)
1988 MCA Records (US)

01 I Don’t Wanna Go On With You (The Shep Pettibone Mix)
02 I Don’t Wanna Go On With You (Just Elton And His Piano)
03 I Don’t Wanna Go On With You (The Pub Dub)

Shep Pettibone’s splendid remix of Elton John’s “I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” sounds more like Pet Shop Boys than the piano man. The ‘Pub Dub’ is digitally exclusive to this US promo.

HELP > Anyone have the other US promo CD?

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (US Promo)


Jane Child
“Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” (US Promo)
1989 Warner Bros. Records (US)

01 Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (LP Version)
02 Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (Remix Edit)
03 Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (12″ Remix)

Of all the unique looks and styles that have been cultivated by music artists, the image of Jane Child ranks among the most unusual. Where to begin: the hair? The clothes? The connected facial piercings? You can tell that Jane was an attractive woman at the height of her short-lived fame, so why did she strive to look like an extra from a “Mad Max” movie? Anyway, this promo CD of Jane’s only hit features a digitally exclusive Shep Pettibone remix.

Blue Monday-95


01 Blue Monday (Original Mix)
02 Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)
03 Blue Monday (Jam & Spoon Manuela Mix)
04 True Faith (Shep Pettibone Mix)
05 1963 (Lionrock Full Throttle Mix)
06 Let’s Go

FACT > On the UK & EU packaging of its 1995 reissue, “Blue Monday” appears as “Blauer Montag”—a clever reference to the track having been remixed exclusively by German producers. This Canadian CD EP includes tracks from “1963”, released as a single the prior year. Note that “Let’s Go” on this release differs slightly from the US version, “Let’s Go (Nothing For Me).”

Bizarre Love Triangle


01 Bizarre Love Triangle (Album Version)
02 Bizarre Love Triangle (Extended Dance Mix)
03 I Don’t Care
04 State Of The Nation
05 Bizarre Love Triangle (Single Remix)

FACT > While 50 Pound Note’s brilliant blog Recycle was still active, I didn’t dare post any Factory-era New Order material here—it would have been pointless to compete with that project’s unparalleled quality. However, with Recycle no longer ongoing, New Order is fair game once again. The band’s 1986 single, “Bizarre Love Triangle” is a dance classic, thanks in no small part to Shep Pettibone’s excellent extension. The tune’s stateside popularity proved indefatigable, so much so that Warner Brothers issued a CD single in 1994—eight years after the single’s original release.

Trivia > When asked by US label reps what the dub version should be named, New Order’s manager Rob Gretton allegedly responded, “I don’t care,” and that’s exactly what was printed (of course, it’s really “Bizarre Dub Triangle”).

LIVE > Peter Hook & The Light are currently on tour, performing New Order’s “Low Life” and “Brotherhood” albums, along with related material from that period. Last time Hooky was in town, I arrived late and missed the band’s opening set of Joy Division tunes; punctuality shall be exercised this evening.

This Is The Right Time (US Promo)


01 This Is The Right Time (Single Version)
02 This Is The Right Time (Extended Remix)
03 This Is The Right Time (The Rhythm Edit)

INFO > The lovely Lisa Stansfield has been captivating fans for over 30 years. After winning a singing competition in 1980, Stansfield released four singles before forming the band Blue Zone with two former school mates. While Blue Zone achieved only moderate success, Stansfield’s solo career took off in the wake of 1989 hit single “People Hold On”, a collaboration with Coldcut. Returning the favor, Matt Black and Jonathan More produced “This Is The Right Time”, the first single from Lisa’s debut album, “Affection.” The song peaked at 13 on the UK singles chart in 1989; a year later, “This Is The Right Time” reached 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100 when released stateside with new remixes by Shep Pettibone and Yvonne Turner.