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All I Wanna Do


01 All I Wanna Do (Radio Version)
02 All I Wanna Do (12″ Extended Mix)
03 All I Wanna Do (Trouser Enthusiasts Toys Of Desperation Mix)
04 All I Wanna Do (Xenomania Dream House Mix)
05 All I Wanna Do (D-Bop Innocent Girl Mix)
06 All I Wanna Do (Qattara Mix)
07 All I Wanna Do (Trouser Enthusiasts Ultra Sensitive Dub)
08 All I Wanna Do (Dizzy Mix)
09 All I Wanna Do (Sharp ‘System’ Dub)

INFO > 1997’s “All I Wanna Do” was the first single issued from Dannii Minogue’s third album, “Girl.” Written and produced by Xenomania, the song marked a stylistic shift for Dannii toward club music, further emphasized by the single’s remix package.

And now for a bit of fun: