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Section 25 release new EP “Invicta”

Section 25 has been among my favorite artists ever since I first heard “Looking From A Hilltop” back in college. Formed in Blackpool in 1977 by brothers Larry and Vincent Cassidy, the band’s early live performances caught the attention of Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton, who helped establish a relationship for S25 with Factory Records. The group initially issued guitar-based, post-punk material, until Bernard Sumner and Donald Johnson helped remold them into a cutting edge electronic act. Joined by Larry’s wife Jenny on keyboards and vocals, S25 released their seminal album, “From The Hip” in 1984. However, lacking support from Factory, the group splintered toward the end of the 1980s and ultimately disbanded.

An attempt to reform at the start of the new millennium was hampered by personal problems, and further derailed by the death of Jenny Cassidy, who sadly succumbed to cancer in 2004. Larry and Vin managed to soldier on, and in 2007 released “Part-Primitiv”, their first new material in 20 years. The album was a great return for S25, and was bettered by its 2009 follow-up, “Nature + Degree”, which features vocals from Larry and Jenny’s daughter, Bethany. However, just as the band was poised for a successful second act, Larry Cassidy died in 2010.

Despite the group’s tremendous losses, a reconstituted Section 25 is back on the scene and sounding better than ever. A confident Bethany Cassidy now fronts the band, consisting of her uncle Vincent Cassidy, Stuart Hill, and Stephen Stringer. Their new song “Colour, Movement, Sex And Violence” is one of the finest slices of pop that I’ve heard in years:

Section 25’s four track EP, “Invicta” is available to download via Hacienda Records. The band’s back catalog of CDs and DVDs is maintained by LTM Recordings.

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