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The Age Of Love (1997 Remixes)


01 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix)
02 The Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Radio Edit)
03 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)
04 The Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Love Of Ages Mix)
05 The Age Of Love (Baby Doc Remix)
06 The Age Of Love (Secret Knowledge Remix)
07 The Age Of Love (Emmanuel Top Remix)
08 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Sign Of The Time Mix)
09 The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix)

INFO > In 1997, React reissued “The Age Of Love” with new remixes from Paul van Dyk, Quentin Franglen, Kris Needs, and Emmanuel Top, along with the Jam & Spoon mixes from 1992 (all tracks from the two UK CD singles are consolidated here). Flogging it further, React commissioned more mixes from Johnny Vicious and Brainbug the following year, and then another raft of reworks in 2004. Looking on Discogs, I see there were yet more mixes issued in 2010 and 2011. Let it rest, people—the age of love has passed…

Narcotic Influence


01 Narcotic Influence (Edit)
02 Narcotic Influence (Dave Clarke Mix)
03 Narcotic Influence (Secret Knowledge Mix)
04 Narcotic Influence (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)
05 Narcotic Influence 1

INFO > Essex based Empirion comprised Jamie Smart, Austin Morsley, and Bob Glennie. “Narcotic Influence” introduced the trio’s techno-industrial sound; the single was released through the group’s Wanted Records imprint in 1993, prior to their signing with XL Recordings. Empirion ended with the passing of Glennie in 2005; however, Smart and Morsley reunited in 2010 to continue the project.

Love Me Now


01 Love Me Now (Secret Knowledge Mix 7″ Edit)
02 Love Me Now (Secret Knowledge Mix)
03 Love Me Now (Distorted Knowledge Mix)
04 Love Me Now (Future Knowledge Mix)
05 Love Me Now (Loft Knowledge Mix)

INFO > 1996’s “Love Me Now” is the first of two singles taken from “So Hard”, the lone album from Secret Knowledge: producer Kris Needs and vocalist Wonder.

Malcolm McLaren – Paris Paris


01 Paris Paris (Radio Edit)
02 Paris Paris (The Emotional Curvatone At A Given Moment In Space And Time)
03 Paris Paris (A Brief History Of Space)
04 Paris Paris (Sonic Bidet Mix)

INFO > Svengali of style and sound Malcolm McLaren (1946-2010) gave the punk movement its image and icons—McLaren owned a racy London clothing boutique, and managed the Sex Pistols during their brief but significant reign of mayhem. McLaren later managed Adam And The Ants and Bow Wow Wow, before fashioning his own career as a musical artist, notably helping to popularize hip hop in the UK. For his 1994 concept album, “Paris”, McLaren enlisted the vocal talents of François Hardy and actress Catherine Deneuve. Single “Paris Paris” features Deneuve and includes remixes by Youth and Kris Needs.

NOTE > Anyone have the “Revenge Of The Flowers” US promo CD?

Love And Rockets – Body And Soul

Love And Rockets
“Body And Soul”
1994 American Recordings (US)
9 41690-2

01. Body And Soul (Full Version)
02. Body And Soul (Secret Knowledge Out Of Body Mix)
03. Body And Soul (Delta Lady Rebel Trouser Mix)
04. Body And Soul (Dark Side Of The 12th Moon)
05. Coyote
06. Body And Soul (Part 2)

INFO > “Body And Soul” was the second of two singles lifted from Love And Rockets’ experiment in electronics, “Hot Trip To Heaven.” This US release erroneously credits both of Kris Needs’ mixes to Secret Knowledge; however, Needs produced one remix as Delta Lady (track titles have been revised here as per the UK 12″, BBQ 42T). Also, Higher Intelligence Agency warps the tune into a dark, ambient noodler, while B-side “Coyote” evokes an excursion through the deserts of the American southwest.


Love And Rockets – This Heaven

Love And Rockets
“This Heaven”
1994 Beggars Banquet (UK)

01. This Heaven (Album Version)
02. This Heaven (Secret Knowledge Mix)
03. This Heaven (Lost In It)
04. This Heaven (Torched Mix)

INFO > After Bauhaus disbanded in 1983, the goth godfathers went about their separate, gloomy ways: frontman Peter Murphy teamed up with the late Mick Karn in Dalis Car; bassist David J released a solo album and played with The Jazz Butcher; and guitarist Daniel Ash continued side project Tones On Tail with drummer Kevin Haskins. By 1985, Murphy had embarked on a solo career, while Ash, Haskins, and J reunited as Love And Rockets. For their fifth album, Love And Rockets took a departure from their rock sound to produce material more electronically-based. With mixes from Kris Needs and Mark Van Hoen, “This Heaven” was the first of two singles released from 1994’s “Hot Trip To Heaven.”


Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy

Secret Knowledge
“Sugar Daddy”
1993 MFS (DE)
MFS 7048-3

01. Sugar Daddy (Radio Edit)
02. Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)
03. Sugar Daddy (Trip To The Moon Remix)
04. Sugar Daddy (Blue)
05. Sugar Daddy (Sugar Caned)
06. Sugar Daddy (Out Of Our Brains On The 5:15)
07. Sugar Daddy (Trip Across The Moon Remix)

3, 7 > Remix by Paul van Dyk and Johnny Klimek
6 > Remix by The Disco Evangelists (David Holmes & Ashley Beedle)

INFO > In 1993, journalist/DJ/producer Kris Needs teamed up with vocalist Wonder Schneider as Secret Knowledge, delivering dark trance and twisted techno throughout the decade. With engineer Bent Recknagel, Needs created some of the 1990s’ most radical remixes (his tribal trance take on One Dove’s “Breakdown” is among my all-time favorite tracks), as well as a couple of ace singles as Delta Lady. This German issue of epic single “Sugar Daddy” combines remixes by Paul van Dyk with the original versions licensed from Sabres Of Paradise. “Dedicated to the ravin’ mad.”

Sugar Daddy