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U R The Best Thing (1992)

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“U R The Best Thing”
1992 FXU (UK)

01 U R The Best Thing (7″ Mix)
02 U R The Best Thing (D:ream Dub)
03 U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Mix)
04 U R The Best Thing (12” Mix)
05 U R The Best Thing (Accapella)
06 U R The Best Thing (Slow Hand Super Summer Disco Mix)
07 U R The Best Thing (Sasha Dub)*

*Bonus track not on original CD release

“U R The Best Thing” was Peter Cunnah and Al McKenzie’s first single as D:ream. While it failed to chart in the UK upon initial release, subsequent reissues reached 19 (in 1993) and 4 (in 1994). The ‘D:ream Dub’, ‘Accapella’, and ‘Super Summer Disco Mix’ are all digitally exclusive to the original 1992 CD single.

Renaissance: The Mix Collection

Sasha & John Digweed
“Renaissance: The Mix Collection” (10th Anniversary Edition)
2004 Renaissance Recordings (UK)

1.01 Leftfield – Song Of Life (Lemon Interupt Mix)
1.02 Leftfield – Song Of Life (Dub For Life)
1.03 Leftfield – Song Of Life (Steppin’ Razor Mix)
1.04 Bedrock – For What You Dream Of (Full On Renaissance Mix)
1.05 Rhythm Invention – Chronoclasm
1.06 The Disco Evangelists – De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)
1.07 Mephisto – State Of Mind (Quiet Mix)
1.08 Moonchild – V.O.A.T.
1.09 Sunscreem – Perfect Motion (Boy’s Own Mix)
1.10 River Ocean – Love & Happiness (Junior Boy’s Own Super Dub)
1.11 That Kid Chris – Keep On (Pressin’ On)
1.12 Remake – Bladerunner
1.13 Bump – House Stompin’ (Big Bump Mix)
1.14 F Machine – Child Bride (Feedback Max Mix)
1.15 O.M.D. – Stand Above Me (Transcendental Constant Viper Trip)

2.01 Fluke – Slid (PDF Mix)
2.02 Funk Machine – Let’s Get This Party Started (Party Mix)
2.03 Fluke – Slid (Scat And Sax Frenzy)
2.04 Corrado – Trust (Pink Mix)
2.05 MGB – Trance Wave One (Oriental Psycho East Mix)
2.06 Hysterix – Talk To Me (Sasha’s Full Music Master Mix)
2.07 Anna Din – Angel
2.08 Virtualmismo – Mismoplastico (Dirtysyncomix)
2.09 Virtualmismo – Mismoplastico (Original Mix)
2.10 Fishbone Beat – Always (Psychedelic Martini Remix)
2.11 Grace – Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
2.12 Secret Life – She Holds The Key (H.A.L.F. I’m A Believer Mix)
2.13 Funtopia – Do You Wanna Know (Gut Drum Mix)
2.14 V.F.R. – Tranceillusion
2.15 Kym Mazelle – Was That All It Was (Def Mix)

3.01 Anthony White – I Can’t Forget You (F.O.S. Pleasure Mix)
3.02 Moby – Go (Night Time Mix)
3.03 Jaco – Show Some Love (Original Dub)
3.04 Spooky – Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix)
3.05 Sublime – Sublime
3.06 Shawn Christopher – Another Sleepless Night (Bassman Mix)
3.07 Unity 3 – The Age Of Love Suite (Trance Dub + Fantasy Dub)
3.08 EMF – They’re Here (D:ream Dream Mix)
3.09 Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus
3.10 Havana – Ethnic Prayer (Euro Mix)
3.11 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare
3.12 Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)
3.13 My Friend Sam – It’s My Pleasure (Club Mix)
3.14 Lemon Interupt – Dirty

“Renaissance: The Mix Collection” was a groundbreaking and influential compilation when released in 1994. A testament to the DJ talents of Sasha and John Digweed, the mix remains a stunning achievement to this day.

Ten years after its original issue, “Renaissance: The Mix Collection” was updated by its creators for a new anniversary edition. The remastered version replaces M People’s “Renaissance” and “How Can I Love You More” with OMD’s “Stand Above Me” and Anthony White’s “I Can’t Forget You,” allegedly due to ‘licensing issues.’
(if memory serves me, Sasha pissed off somebody, who then withheld the M People tracks)

Such A Good Feeling

Brothers In Rhythm
“Such A Good Feeling”
1991 4th & Broadway (UK)
BRCD 210

01 Such A Good Feeling (Inspirational Delight Mix)
02 Peace And Harmony (Everlasting Love Mix)
03 Brothers In Rhythm (Raise Your Hands)

Brothers In Rhythm
“Such A Good Feeling”
1991 4th & Broadway (UK)
BRCD 228

01 Such A Good Feeling (Radio Mix)
02 Such A Good Feeling (Inspirational Delight Mix)
03 Such A Good Feeling (PKA Mix)
04 Peace And Harmony (Violence & Discord Mix)

Steve Anderson and Dave Seaman teamed up as Brothers In Rhythm in 1989, while both were working for DMC. Although the duo mainly focused on remixes, they also produced a couple of classic singles. Piano house stormer “Such A Good Feeling” was BIR’s second single; the initial release also includes both sides of their first effort, “Peace And Harmony.” A second issue of “Such A Good Feeling” features remixes by Phil Kelsey and Sasha.

Arkham Asylum + Ohmna


“Arkham Asylum + Ohmna”
1996 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 43402 2

01 Arkham Asylum
02 Ohmna

Clearly not seeking to repeat the chart success of “Be As One”, Sasha’s follow-up release comprises two lengthy prog house excursions. Sasha would later recycle elements of “Arkham Asylum” into “The Other Side”, which is, err, the other side of Maria Nayler’s 1997 single, “Naked And Sacred.”

Be As One


“Be As One”
1996 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 34296 2

01 Be As One (Radio Edit)
02 Heart Of Imagination (Edit)
03  Be As One (12″ Mix)

Sasha’s UK Top 20 hit “Be As One” features the lilting vocals of Maria Nayler. Brilliant B-side “Heart Of Imagination” is a collaboration with Brian Transeau; unfortunately, the track is savagely edited on the CD single.


74321221862   74321221892

1994 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 22186 2 / 74321 22189 2

01 Magic (Radio Mix)
02 Magic (Sasha’s Black Magic Mix)
03 Magic (Sasha’s Voodoo Dub)
04 Magic (Junior’s Factory Mix)
05 Magic (Way Out West Mix)
06 Magic (Pob’s Seismix)*
07 Magic (John Digweed’s 3D Mix)
08 Higher Ground (Big Brother’s Mix)

*Bonus track not on original CD release

Sasha once again enlisted Sam Mollison for vocal duties on “Magic”, the follow-up single to “Higher Ground.”

The Qat Collection


“The Qat Collection”
1994 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 19196 2

01 Minimal Qat
02 Magic
03 Animal Qat
04 Higher Ground
05 Vegetable Qat
06 [As If By] Magic (Dub)

Alexander Coe’s first full-length release is not a proper album, but more a lengthy EP. With Sasha still finding his way around a studio at the time, collaborators Tom Frederikse and Gaëtan Schurrer contributed significantly to the productions. “The Qat Collection” includes previously released single “Higher Ground”, two versions of “Magic”, and three lengthy instrumental experiments; both “Higher Ground” and Magic” feature Sam Mollison on vocals. Later in 1994, Deconstruction issued a second version of “The Qat Collection” with alternate tracks from the “Magic” single.

Higher Ground


“Higher Ground”
1994 Deconstruction (UK)
74321 18900 2

01 Higher Ground (Radio Mix)
02 Higher Ground (Main Club Mix)
03 Higher Ground (The Oz Dub)

Sasha’s debut single for Deconstruction, “Higher Ground”, features vocalist Sam Mollison.

Embracing The Sunshine


01 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix Edit) 04:00
02 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix) 13:07
03 Embracing The Future 05:21
04 Deeper Sunshine 07:06
05 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Deeper Future Dub) 10:06

INFO > Brian Transeau’s first production under his BT moniker was 1993 single “Embracing The Future”, with “Deeper Sunshine” on the flip side. The following year, Sasha reworked elements of both tracks into “Embracing The Sunshine” for a promo release. After Paul Oakenfold signed Transeau to his Perfecto label, the original single tracks and Sasha’s remixes were reissued as “Embracing The Sunshine” in 1995.

Kiss From A Rose / I’m Alive


01 Kiss From A Rose
02 I’m Alive (Atraxion Future Radio Edit)
03 I’m Alive (Sasha & BT’s Atraxion Future Mix)

INFO > Continuing today’s theme of love is Seal’s beautiful ballad, “Kiss From A Rose.” The song was initially released as a single in 1994, and reissued the following year after its inclusion on the “Batman Forever” soundtrack. MOR mush aside, the real prize here is Sasha and Brian Transeau’s epic take on “I’m Alive”, which features as the A-side on the 12″ release.