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Open Up


Leftfield Lydon
“Open Up”
1993 Hard Hands (UK) / Logic Records (DE)
HAND 009CD / LOC 127

01 Open Up (Radio Edit)
02 Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
03 Open Up (Dervish Overdrive)
04 Open Up (I Hate Pink Floyd Mix)
05 Open Up (Open Dub)
06 Open Up (The Dust Brothers Remix)

Neil Barnes and Paul Daley employed no less a music legend than John Lydon for vocals on their 1993 single “Open Up”, which ranks among the greatest dance classics of all time. Consolidated here are all unique tracks from the UK single and German remix CD.

HELP > Anyone have the 6.47 edit of the ‘Dervish Overdrive’ mix from German CD single LOC 118?

Espiritu – Conquistador

1993 Heavenly Recordings (UK)

01. Conquistador (7″ Radio Edit) 03:41
02. Conquistador (Sabres Of Paradise Mix No. 1) 09:46
03. No Creo Mas 04:01
04. Conquistador (Instrumental) 03:38

INFO > Messieurs Weatherall, Burns, and Kooner produced three excellent remixes of Espiritu’s “Conquistador”; unfortunately, only ‘No. 1’ was issued on CD. Might anyone have decent transfers of the other two mixes that they’d care to share?

pw: djshelf 

Utah Saints – I Want You

Utah Saints
“I Want You”
1993 FFRR Records (UK)
FCD 213 / FCDP 213

01. I Want You (Edit)
02. I Want You (Extended)
03. I Want You (DJ Tim’s Funky Bliss Mix 1)
04. I Want You (Utah’s Mormon Extended)
05. I Want You (Sabres 130)
06. I Want You (Sabres 110)
07. I Want You (Sabres 110 Metal Dub)
08. I Want You (DJ Tim’s Funky Bliss Mix 2)

INFO > For their fourth single, Jez Willis and Tim Garbutt borrowed a riff from Slayer’s “War Ensemble” and invented techno metal. The original version isn’t my favorite effort by the Saints; however, DJ Tim’s mixes are highly practical for the dancefloor. Weatherall and company thoroughly overhaul the track as well.

Special thanks to Jen for CD 2 (FCDP 213, tracks 5 to 8).


Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy

Secret Knowledge
“Sugar Daddy”
1993 MFS (DE)
MFS 7048-3

01. Sugar Daddy (Radio Edit)
02. Sugar Daddy (Original Mix)
03. Sugar Daddy (Trip To The Moon Remix)
04. Sugar Daddy (Blue)
05. Sugar Daddy (Sugar Caned)
06. Sugar Daddy (Out Of Our Brains On The 5:15)
07. Sugar Daddy (Trip Across The Moon Remix)

3, 7 > Remix by Paul van Dyk and Johnny Klimek
6 > Remix by The Disco Evangelists (David Holmes & Ashley Beedle)

INFO > In 1993, journalist/DJ/producer Kris Needs teamed up with vocalist Wonder Schneider as Secret Knowledge, delivering dark trance and twisted techno throughout the decade. With engineer Bent Recknagel, Needs created some of the 1990s’ most radical remixes (his tribal trance take on One Dove’s “Breakdown” is among my all-time favorite tracks), as well as a couple of ace singles as Delta Lady. This German issue of epic single “Sugar Daddy” combines remixes by Paul van Dyk with the original versions licensed from Sabres Of Paradise. “Dedicated to the ravin’ mad.”

Sugar Daddy