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Ritmo De Vida – The Spirit Is Justified

Ritmo De Vida
“The Spirit Is Justified”
1996 Limbo Records (UK)

01. The Spirit Is Justified (Tranceformation Mix)
02. The Spirit Is Justified (Aquatic Mix)
03. The Spirit Is Justified (Phoenix’s Deep Space Mix)
04. The Spirit Is Justified (Outdare’s Full Throttle Mix)
05. The Spirit Is Justified (Outdare’s Intro Epilogue)
06. The Spirit Is Justified (Tantra Dub)
07. The Spirit Is Justified (Lee Fredericks’ Restrained Dub)
08. The Spirit Is Justified (Delos Dub)

INFO > This was the third and final single by Parks & Wilson as Ritmo De Vida. Lee Fredericks and Nic Britton (Outdare) provide some pumping progressive trance workouts.


Ritmo De Vida – Havara

Ritmo De Vida
1995 Limbo Records (UK)

01. Havara (Parks & Wilson Spirit Mix) 10:55
02. Havara (Roma Riot Remix) 11:45
03. Havara (Tempest’s Hard2Floor Remix) 06:47

INFO > Mick Park and Mick Wilson first teamed up in 1990 as resident DJs of Coventry nightclub The Eclipse. Inspired by Sasha, the duo would soon be in studio turning out massive progressive house tunes. In addition to working as Parks & Wilson, the Micks have produced tracks and remixes as Ritmo Rivals, Ritmo De Vida, Odessi, and Tilt (the latter with John Graham initially, then Andy Moor). “Havara” was the second of three singles released under their Ritmo De Vida alias; sound engineer Nic Britton gets credit for the remixes.