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I’ll Be Your Friend (1997)


01 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Radio Edit)
02 I’ll Be Your Friend (10,000 Leagues Under N.Y.C.)
03 I’ll Be Your Friend (Prince Quick’s Amped Up Pass)
04 I’ll Be Your Friend (Into The Millennium)
05 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Edit Of Def Mix)
06 I’ll Be Your Friend (SPS Customized Caned Mix)
07 I’ll Be Your Friend (Dekkard’s Satellite Vocal)
08 I’ll Be Your Friend (Glamourous Mix)

INFO > Originally released in 1991, Robert Owens’ house classic “I’ll Be Your Friend” was reissued in 1997 with new mixes by Prince Quick, Dave Valentine, and Richard Dekkard.



01 Rain (Al Stone Mix)
02 In My Arms (B.B.E. Mix)
03 First Contact (Vocal Mix)
04 Rain (Live In San Francisco)
05 Sometimes (Live In Oxford)
06 Love To Hate You (Live In Oxford)
07 Rain (Jon Pleased Wimmin Vocal Mix)
08 Sometimes (John ‘00’ Fleming’s Full Vocal Club Mix)
09 In My Arms (Dekkard Vocal)
10 Rain (Blue Amazon Twisted Circles Mix)
11 First Contact (Instrumental)

INFO > With remixes galore, live recordings, and a B-side that was allegedly rejected for use in “Star Trek: First Contact”, this 1997 EP from Erasure provided great value for money.

LIVE > Later today, I’ll be traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey to see Erasure perform to a sold-out crowd at The Borgata Hotel Casino. The dynamic duo are touring in support of their 16th studio album, “The Violet Flame.” The opening act is Brian Transeau’s new project, All Hail The Silence, featuring vocalist Christian Burns (BT also remixed Erasure’s new single, “Elevation”).

Brand New Day


01 Brand New Day (Radio Edit)
02 Brand New Day (Quivver’s Vocal Mix)
03 Brand New Day (Quivver’s Amityville Dub)
04 Brand New Day (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)
05 Brand New Day (Night In Paris Dub)

INFO > Can’t go wrong with any of the mixes of “Brand New Day” by Minds Of Men, but I’ve always been keen on the Space Kittens ‘Night In Paris Dub.’

Land Of The Living

Very special thanks to eLeMeNOhPeaQ for sharing these singles.


01 Land Of The Living (Radio Edit)
02 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Radio Edit)
03 Land Of The Living (Kristine W Radio Edit)
04 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Radio Edit)
05 Land Of The Living (Album Version Edit)
06 Land Of The Living (Album Version)


01 Land Of The Living (Rollo & Sister Bliss Club Remix)
02 Land Of The Living (Deep Dish Land Of The Lost Vocal Mix)
03 Land Of The Living (Lisa Marie Experience Vocal 12″ Mix)
04 Land Of The Living (Dekkard’s Planet Vocal Mix)
05 Land Of The Living (Junior’s New Vocal Mix)

INFO > Rollo Armstrong and Rob Dougan produced and co-wrote “Land Of The Living”, the title track from dance diva Kristine Weitz’s sophomore album. Here are the US promo and commercial maxi CDs.

Work It Out


01 Work It Out (Shiva Radio 7” Mix)
02 Work It Out (Morales Classic Radio Mix)
03 Work It Out (Mindwarp Mix)
04 Work It Out (F.O.S. Untouchable Vocal)
05 Work It Out (Morales Classic Club Mix)

INFO > 1995 debut single from the trio of Paul Ross, Gino Piscitelli, and the late Louise Dean. On the mix: David Morales, John Debo & Richard Dekkard, and Fathers Of Sound.

Rays Of The Rising Sun


01 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Radio Mix)
02 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Electric Beach Mix)
03 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Ramp Club Mix)
04 Rays Of The Rising Sun (KGB Edit)
05 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Dekkard & Dane’s Mach Dub)

INFO > For their third single, vocal trio Mozaic covered Denise Johnson’s 1994 release, “Rays Of The Rising Sun”; mixes come courtesy of Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, Ramp, and Richard Dekkard & Phil Dane.

Meltdown – My Life Is In Your Hands

“My Life Is In Your Hands”
1996 S3 Records (UK)

01. My Life Is In Your Hands (Dekkard ‘N’ Dane’s Whitewater Edit)
02. My Life Is In Your Hands (Dekkard ‘N’ Dane’s Shortwater Chase)
03. My Life Is In Your Hands (Blue Amazon Blind Faith Vocal Mix)
04. My Life Is In Your Hands (Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)

INFO > Richard Dekkard and Phil ‘The Kick Drum’ Dane produced a couple of singles and remixes under the moniker Meltdown in the mid-1990s. On the mix here: Blue Amazon delivers a signature epic house expansion, while Lisa Marie Experience turns out a hands-in-the-air house stormer.