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Kickin’ Up


Various Artists
“Kickin’ Up”
1992 Epic (UK)
EPC 472171 2

01 Betty Boo – Doin’ The Do
02 Betty Boo – Where Are You Baby?
03 Betty Boo – Boo Megamix
04 Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
05 Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait
06 Bomb The Bass – Winter In July
07 The Beatmasters – Rok Da House
08 The Beatmasters – Burn It Up
09 The Beatmasters – Dunno What It Is [About You]
10 Congress – 40 Miles
11 S’Express – Theme From S’Express
12 S’Express – Find ‘Em Fool ‘Em Forget ‘Em
13 S’Express – Nervous Motion
14 Moby – Go
15 Joi – Spiritual Get-Together
16 Baby Ford – Change
17 Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy
18 Baby Ford – In Your Blood
19 Sheep On Drugs – Motorbike

Given Rhythm King’s commercial success in the late-1980s, Epic acquired the imprint from parent label Mute Records in 1991. To cash in on its new property’s back catalog, Epic issued “Kickin’ Up”, a hits collection focused on Rhythm King’s former core artists.

Beat This – The Hits Of Rhythm King


Various Artists
“Beat This – The Hits Of Rhythm King”
1989 Stylus Music (UK)
SMD 973

01 The Beatmasters – Burn It Up
02 S’Express – Superfly Guy
03 Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait
04 Taffy – I Love My Radio
05 Merlin – Born Free
06 Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – [We Need Some] Money
07 Viola Wills – These Things Happen
08 Shawnie ‘G’ – Mission Impossible
09 Baby Ford – Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh
10 Bomb The Bass – Say A Little Prayer
11 S’Express – Theme From S’Express
12 The Beatmasters – Rok Da House
13 King Sun & D-Moët – Hey Love
14 Schoolly D – Put Your Fila’s On
15 Three Wize Men – Cruising For A Bruising
16 Jay Strongman – East West
17 Bailey & Bridges – Come And Get It
18 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation
19 Hotline – Rock This House
20 Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
21 Bomb The Bass – 10 Seconds To Terminate
22 Bomb The Bass – Mega Mix

This compilation of early Rhythm King releases was issued by Stylus Music in 1989. Unfortunately, as was often Stylus’ practice at the time, several of the selections have been savagely edited. On the positive side, I believe the CD bonus track “10 Seconds To Terminate” is digitally exclusive to the release.

Beat This! The Album


Various Artists
“Beat This! The Album”
1990 Rhythm King Records (UK)

01 Betty Boo – Doin’ The Do (Radio Edit)
02 Nation 12 – Listen To The Drummer
03 S’Express – Lollypop
04 Merlin – Think About It
05 (C) – When He Comes Back
06 The Beatmasters – Who’s In The House (Hip House Anthem)
07 S’Express – Theme From Funky Killer
08 Baby Ford – Beach Bump (Bumpy Club Mix)
09 Les Negresses Vertes – Zobi La Mouche (Club Mix)
10 Man Machine – Denkimi-Shakuhachi
11 Nation 12 – Remember

In 1990, Rhythm King collaborated with now-defunct UK periodical Sky Magazine to produce “Beat This! The Album” (despite the title, Bomb The Bass is conspicuously absent). The compilation is notable for its inclusion of two Nation 12 tracks, both of which are digitally exclusive to the release (versions on the limited edition “Electrofear” CD are pitched up and shorter in length).

Rhythm King – Bumper Issue


Various Artists
“Rhythm King – Bumper Issue”
1989 Rhythm King Records (DE)

01 S’Express – Hey Music Lover (7″ Version)
02 The Beatmasters – Burn It Up (7″ Mix)
03 Hotline – Stay Away (Edit)
04 Merlin – Think About It
05 The Beatmasters – Rok Da House (7″ Version)
06 Bomb The Bass – Say A Little Prayer (7″ Mix)
07 S’Express – Theme From S’Express (12″ Mix)
08 Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait (12″ Mix)
09 Baby Ford – Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh (7″ Version)
10 S’Express – Superfly Guy (7″ Version)
11 Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy (7″ Version)
12 Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (Radio Edit)
13 Baby Ford – Flowers (Edit)

The German release of 1989 Rhythm King collection “Bumper Issue” has a different running order and three extra tracks compared to its UK counterpart.

Move – The Rhythm Kingdom LP


Various Artists
“Move – The Rhythm Kingdom LP”
1987 Rhythm King Records (UK)

01 Taffy – Step By Step
02 The Beatmasters – Rok Da House
03 King Sun & D-Moët – Hey Love
04 Baily & Bridges – Come And Get It
05 Dr. Freshh – Is This The American Dream
06 Sugar Ray Dinke – Cabrini Green
07 Three Wize Men – Urban Hell
08 Hotline – Rock This House (Heavy Vibes Mix)
09 Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers – [It’s A] Family Affair
10 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation
11 Denise Motto – Tell Jack [Jack The House]
12 Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Theme
13 Schoolly D – Gucci Time
14 The Cookie Crew – Females [Get On Up]
15 Taffy – I Love My Radio (American Mix)
16 Paradise – Paradise A Go Go

Rhythm King was set up by Martin Heath and James Horrocks in 1986 as a sublabel of Mute Records. This 1987 compilation showcases the imprint’s early focus on hip hop, rap, and funk. Other labels formerly under the Rhythm King umbrella included: Diffusion Records, Divine Records, Evolution, Flame Records, Outer Rhythm, Splish, and Transglobal. Horrocks left Rhythm King in 1987 and would later establish another prominent UK dance imprint, React Music Limited.

Music Lover (US Promo)


01 Music Lover (Shep Zip Mix)
02 Music Lover (Music Lovers Bass Mix)
03 Music Lover (Music Lovers Dub)
04 Music Lover (Heart Attack Mix)
05 Music Lover (Transformer Mix)
06 Music Lover (Glass Mix)

INFO > Top 10 UK hit “Hey Music Lover” is the third single by Mark Moore’s dance collective, S’Express. Shep Pettibone’s multiple mixes are exclusive to the US market, and his ‘Music Lovers Dub’ is digitally exclusive to this US promo. A far less likely choice to remix the tune was contemporary composer Philip Glass, whose interpretation was designated ‘The Glass Cut.’

HELP > Missing here are additional mixes from the UK and US commercial CD releases, including a rework by William Orbit. Anyone have these tracks?

  • Hey Music Lover (7″ Version)
  • Hey Music Lover (Miller Mash Glass Smash)
  • Hey Music Lover (G-OO-D Vibration Mix)
  • Hey Music Lover (Spatial Expansion Mix)
  • Hey Music Lover (Music Is My Life Mix)

Keep Giving Me Love


01 Keep Giving Me Love (7″ Mix Edit)
02 Keep Giving Me Love (Tribal Love Mix)
03 Keep Giving Me Love (Ubiquity Mix)
04 Moody (Extended Club Mix)

INFO > Following the dancefloor-friendly debut of 1988’s “Into The Dragon”, Tim Simenon ventured into “Unknown Territory”, Bomb The Bass’ sophomore album. The BTB sound transformed during the early 1990s, with Simenon pioneering new styles that would ultimately evolve into trip hop and big beat. 1992’s “Keep Giving Me Love” is a reworked version of “Love So True”, the lead single from “Unknown Territory.” The release includes a remix by Shem McCauley (under his Streetsahead guise) along with an inspired cover of ESG’s “Moody.”



01 Electrofear (Beastmix)
02 Electrofear (Shemsijo Mix)
03 Electrofear (Dogmix)

INFO > Depending on your fancy, Nation 12 was:

A) An experimental project of Dennis Leigh
B) An extension of Bomb The Bass
C) A precursor to Ramp/Slacker
D) All of the above

Comprising John Foxx, Kurt Rogers, Tim Simenon, Simon Rogers, and the late Shem McCauley, the short-lived Nation 12 released only two singles: “Remember” (1990) and “Electrofear” (1991), both on Rhythm King. However, the collective also recorded an album’s worth of tracks, which finally saw the light of day via Tape Modern in 2005.

Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis (US Promo)

01 Beat Dis (Radio Edit)
02 Beat Dis (Extended Dis)
03 Beat Dis (Bonus Beats)
04 Beat Dis (Dub Dis)

INFO > In 1987, Tim Simenon debuted the sample-heavy sound of Bomb The Bass. Co-produced with Pascal Gabriel, “Beat Dis” was a massive UK hit, reaching 2 on the Singles Chart. Along with similarly successful sample-based singles by M|A|R|R|S and S’Express, Simenon’s “Beat Dis” helped pioneer the concept of DJ culture and contributed to the rise of the DJ superstar.

S’Express – Theme From S-Express (The Return Trip)

“Theme From S-Express (The Return Trip)”
1996 Rhythm King Records (UK)

01. Theme From S-Express (Tony De Vit 7″ Mix)
02. Theme From S-Express (Aquarius 7″ Mix)
03. Theme From S-Express (Original Theme 7″ Mix Plus-8)
04. Theme From S-Express (Tony De Vit 12″ Mix)
05. Theme From S-Express (Aquarius ‘Party On The Orient Express’)
06. Theme From S-Express (Carl Craig’s Edited Birthday Surprise Mix)

INFO > Mark Moore’s sample-happy party classic gets reworked by Aquarius, Carl Craig, and the late Tony De Vit. Enjoy this trip!