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Gun World Porn


01 Little Pig (Remix)
02 Cloud Nine
03 State Of Shock (Edit)
04 Deadbeat
05 Deadbeat (Gary Clail Remix)
06 State Of Shock (L’Pool Edit)
07 State Of Shock (Paralized Mix)

FACT > 1992’s “Gun World Porn” EP would be the last material issued by Peter Hook, David Potts, and Chris Jones as Revenge (although Hook revived the name for two new tracks issued in 2004). The US issue differs drastically from its UK counterpart, including a reshuffled running order, alternate versions of tracks, and remixes.

LIVE > Peter Hook and his band The Light stop in Philly tonight to perform New Order’s first two albums and associated singles from that period. The ‘real’ New Order show from this past July will be tough to top, but I’m confident that Hooky will do his former band’s early material justice.

Revenge – Pineapple Face

01 Pineapple Face’s Big Day (US Remix) 06:47
02 Pineapple Face (LP Version) 05:32
03 Pineapple Face (Edit) 04:15
04 14K (Edit) 04:26
05 Bleach Boy 05:08
06 Pineapple Face Calls It A Day 05:30
07 Pineapple Face’s Big Day (Edit) 04:00

FACT > Multiple formats, limited editions, promo pressings, international variations, and the rise of remix culture all made music collecting more challenging (frustrating?) in the late-1980s and throughout the 1990s. Offered as a case study is “Pineapple Face”, the second single from Peter Hook’s Revenge project. The tracklistings above reflect the US release (track 7 is from the promo CD). However, the UK single (FAC 267), issued on 7″, 12″, CD, and cassette, features these mixes:

  • Pineapple Face’s Big Day (Pickering & Park Remix) 06:06
  • Pineapple Face’s Last Lunge 05:11
  • Pineapple Face’s Revenge 05:10
  • 14K (Full Length Version) 05:53

And the Australian CD single also includes the full-length version of “Jesus… I Love You” (06:57) from the band’s first single.

It’s a miracle we all didn’t go broke back in the day. Given a choice between buying food or CDs, I usually went hungry…

Revenge – Slave

01 Slave (7″ Edit)
02 Slave (Extended Mix)
03 Slave (Alternative Mix)
04 Slave (Club Mix)
05 Slave (Instrumental Mix)
06 Slave (Dub Mix)
07 I’m Not Your Slave
08 I’m Not Your Slave (7″ Edit)
09 Jesus… I Love You (Edit)

FACT > Peter Hook formed Revenge in 1989 with guitarist Dave Hicks and keyboardist Chris Jones. “Slave” was the band’s third Factory single (FAC 279); this US issue features exclusive mixes from house pioneer Joe Smooth (with studio assistance from Die Warzau’s Van Christie), along with UK remixes by Stetsasonic’s Glenn ‘Daddy-O’ Bolton and Bobby Simmons.