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Spikey Message


Arc Angel
“Spikey Message”
1996 Hansome Records (UK)

01 Spikey Message
02 Spikey Message (Small Cut)
03 Spikey Message (Main Mix)
04 Spikey Message (Ramp Club Mix)
05 Spikey Message (Burger Queen Kitscharama Mix)
06 Spikey Message (Healthy Cut)
07 Spikey Message (Osymyso Vs Arc Angel Mix)

I’ll defer to the promo sticker on the case for info about this relatively obscure artist and single:


My Love Is For Real


01 My Love Is For Real (Radio Edit)
02 My Love Is For Real (Strike’s Big Outback 12″ Mix)
03 My Love Is For Real (Strike’s Small Upfront Dub)
04 My Love Is For Real (Ramp Vocal Mix)
05 My Love Is For Real (Ramp Dub)

INFO > Formed in 1994, Strike comprised producers Matt Cantor and Andy Gardner, and vocalist Victoria Newton. The trio’s second single, “U Sure Do”, was a huge handbag hit, and peaked at 4 on the UK Singles Chart in 1995. In addition to their own releases, Cantor & Gardner also produced remixes for other artists. “My Love Is For Real”, the lead single from Paula Abdul’s 1995 album “Head Over Heels”, features reworks from Strike, who then recorded their own version the following year.

There’s an easily overlooked gem on this package that will be of interest to fans of progressive house. While Shem McCauley and Simon Rogers were producing material as both Ramp and Slacker during the mid-1990s, their two styles began to converge and become less distinguishable; this is evidenced on the striking ‘Ramp Dub.’

Matt Cantor would later team up with Aston Harvey as Freestylers; Andy Gardner partnered with Lee Rous as Plump DJs; and Victoria Newton went solo and eventually returned to her jazz roots.

Here’s the official promo video for Strike’s “My Love Is For Real”:

And for comparison, here’s the decidedly more intriguing original version by Paula Abdul, featuring Ofra Haza:

Twist In My Sobriety (The Remixes)

A warm welcome back to Sandman, who has reactivated his excellent blog, Off The Beat(EN) Trax. We are all the richer for his return!


01 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Radio)
02 Twist In My Sobriety (Phil Kelsey Vocal)
03 Twist In My Sobriety (Extended Bumps Fluidity Mix)
04 Twist In My Sobriety (Tikaramp Vocal)
05 Twist In My Sobriety (SFX Sobriety Mix)

INFO > “Twist In My Sobriety” was the second release by exotic vocalist Tanita Tikaram. Originally released in 1988, the single was a hit in several European countries. The song was remixed in 1996 to promote “The Best Of Tanita Tikaram”; however, Tikaram did not approve the new versions.

NOTE > This single was one of the final posts on Sandman’s old blog (he beat me to it :-). As it wasn’t available long, I figured those who missed it then would appreciate it now.

New Beginning


01 New Beginning
02 Total Intervention
03 New Beginning (Ramp 7″ Club Mix)
04 New Beginning (Ramp Club Mix)
05 New Beginning (Beginners Mix)
06 New Beginning (Restart Mix)
07 New Beginning (Street Mix)
08 New Beginning (Instrumental)

INFO > UK singer and songwriter Mark Adams started his music career in the early-1980s fronting Catch 22—a garage punk band specializing in 1950s rock ‘n’ roll. After Catch 22 faded out, Adams switched gears and joined pop group One Hand One Heart, which released a couple of singles through Epic in 1988. A few years later, Adams adopted the stage name Duke and began his solo career with the 1994 international hit single “So In Love With You.” Follow-up “New Beginning” was produced by Tony Mansfield and remixed by Ramp; unique tracks from UK and Dutch CD singles are consolidated here. A separate release includes mixes from Jaydee, Cooly D, and The Wiseguys.

Listen To The Music (1994 Remixes)


01 Listen To The Music (Motiv 8 7″ Edit)
02 Listen To The Music (Motiv 8 12″ Mix)
03 Listen To The Music (Rampantly Pleasurable Mix)
04 Listen To The Music (Overworld 7″ Edit)
05 Listen To The Music (Overworld Extended Mix)
06 Listen To The Music (Original Version)

INFO > Given the success of 1993’s “Long Train Runnin'” rework, Warner Bros. hoped lightning might strike twice, so The Doobie Brothers’ 1972 hit “Listen To The Music” was chosen for a 1994 remix package. Steve Rodway and The Development Corporation both deliver pumping, high energy mixes; however, the highlight here is an epic collaboration between Ramp and Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin.

Heart Of Stone


01 Heart Of Stone (Radio Edit)
02 Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub Edit)
03 Heart Of Stone (LP Version)


01 Heart Of Stone
02 Peace In Wartime
03 Cool Nights
04 Heart Of Stone (Ramp Mix)
05 Heart Of Stone (Ramp Instrumental)
06 Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub)
07 Heart Of Stone (Sure Breakdown Dub)

INFO > David A. Stewart’s post-Eurythmics career has included soundtracks, solo albums, collaborations, production work, and running his own label, Anxious Records. Co-written with Shara Nelson, “Heart Of Stone” is the first of two singles taken from Stewart’s 1994 debut solo album, “Greetings From The Gutter.” Consolidated here are the limited edition UK CD single; the German CD of dance remixes; and the US promo CD, which includes an exclusive edit of the Sure Is Pure dub.



01 Pow! (Ramp Key City Edit)
02 Pow! (Ramp Key City Mix)
03 Pow! (Itchy & Scratchy Mix)
04 Pow! (Ramp Club Mix)
05 Pow! (Original Mix)

INFO > 1996 single “Pow!” was produced by The Reverend Mike Crawley, who is a complete mystery to me (also, I suspect he may not be an officially ordained member of the clergy). Questions regarding the artist aside, I’m never one to pass on a Ramp remix.

Good Thing Going


01 Good Thing Going
02 Abandon Me (Urban Shakedown Mix)
03 Abandon Me (Ramp Eviction Mix)

INFO > “Good Thing Going” was the lead single from Yazz’s album of covers, “The Natural Life”, which sadly received only a limited release in 1997. The song was originally recorded by Michael Jackson in 1971 as “We’ve Got A Good Thing Going”; however, Yazz’s reggae take on the tune is based on Sugar Minott’s version, which was a UK hit in 1981. To keep dance fans happy, Yazz’s recording of “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” (a hit for Rose Royce in 1978) was remixed and re-titled “Abandon Me” for inclusion on the B-side (EastWest later issued a full remix package in 1998).



01 Electrofear (Beastmix)
02 Electrofear (Shemsijo Mix)
03 Electrofear (Dogmix)

INFO > Depending on your fancy, Nation 12 was:

A) An experimental project of Dennis Leigh
B) An extension of Bomb The Bass
C) A precursor to Ramp/Slacker
D) All of the above

Comprising John Foxx, Kurt Rogers, Tim Simenon, Simon Rogers, and the late Shem McCauley, the short-lived Nation 12 released only two singles: “Remember” (1990) and “Electrofear” (1991), both on Rhythm King. However, the collective also recorded an album’s worth of tracks, which finally saw the light of day via Tape Modern in 2005.

Rays Of The Rising Sun


01 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Radio Mix)
02 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Electric Beach Mix)
03 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Ramp Club Mix)
04 Rays Of The Rising Sun (KGB Edit)
05 Rays Of The Rising Sun (Dekkard & Dane’s Mach Dub)

INFO > For their third single, vocal trio Mozaic covered Denise Johnson’s 1994 release, “Rays Of The Rising Sun”; mixes come courtesy of Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, Ramp, and Richard Dekkard & Phil Dane.