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1997 Perfecto/Warner Music (UK)

01 Places (7″ Mix)
02 Places (Luna Vocal)
03 Places (Transatlantic Dub)
04 Places (Suicide Dub)
05 Places (Three ‘N One Mix)

My Spirit


“My Spirit”
1997 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01 My Spirit (Radio Edit)
02 My Spirit (Original Tilt Mix)
03 My Spirit (Dizzy Remix)
04 My Spirit (Pink Bomb Remix)
05  My Spirit (Groovestation Extended Mix)

I Dream


01 I Dream (Casa De Angeles Mix)
02 I Dream (Tilted Dub)

Anomaly [Calling Your Name]


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s 7″ Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Original Mix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Granny’s Epicure Remix)
04 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Evolution’s Autodub Remix)
05 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (The Forth’s Remix)


01 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten Remix Edit)
02 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Quivver Remix)
03 Anomaly [Calling Your Name] (Ferry Corsten 12″ Remix)

INFO > In 1995, Libra (Brian Transeau) and Taylor (Myles Glenn Wooten) collaborated on one-off single “Anomaly [Calling Your Name]”, issued through the Musicnow imprint. The track features vocals sampled from “The Prayer”, a B-side on Jan Johnston’s second single, “Paris.” The following year, Platipus licensed the track, gave it the remix treatment, and produced a hit, after which Jan Johnston went from unknown folk singer to in-demand dancefloor diva. Further remixes followed in 2000.

Your Kisses Are Charity


01 Your Kisses Are Charity (Dolly Mix)
02 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Kinky Disco Mix)
03 Time [Clock Of The Heart] (Quivver’s Amityville Mix)

INFO > “Your Kisses Are Charity” was the second single issued from Culture Club’s 1999 album “Don’t Mind If I Do.” CD 2 includes a version of the song featuring country music legend Dolly Parton, along with contemporary reworks of band classics “Time [Clock Of The Heart]” and “Do You Want To Hurt Me.”

I Just Wanna Be Loved


01 I Just Wanna Be Loved
02 I Just Wanna Be Loved (Magic Man Remix)
03 Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Quivver Mix)

INFO > After a 12-year hiatus, Culture Club reunited in 1998 for an appearance on “VH1 Storytellers”, followed by a successful tour, an updated retrospective collection, and a new album, “Don’t Mind If I Do.” The first fruit of the renewed band’s labor was “I Just Wanna Be Loved”, which reached 4 on the UK Singles Chart. The release includes John Graham’s spacey rework of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.”

Brand New Day


01 Brand New Day (Radio Edit)
02 Brand New Day (Quivver’s Vocal Mix)
03 Brand New Day (Quivver’s Amityville Dub)
04 Brand New Day (Space Kittens Vocal Mix)
05 Brand New Day (Night In Paris Dub)

INFO > Can’t go wrong with any of the mixes of “Brand New Day” by Minds Of Men, but I’ve always been keen on the Space Kittens ‘Night In Paris Dub.’



01 Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) 04:11
02 Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) 07:43
03 Rendezvous (Tilt’s Quadraphonic Mix) 08:03
04 Invisible (Original Vocal 12″) 08:04
05 I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) 07:25
06 What’s This? (Tilt’s Tunnel Mix) 6:46
07 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub) 09:00
08 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix) 12:31

INFO > In 1999, the Tilt trio of Michael Parks, Michael Wilson, and John Graham recycled their trance instrumental “Rendezvous” (written and produced with Paul van Dyk) into “Invisible”, featuring former Grace vocalist Dominique Atkins. From a collector’s perspective, it’s one of Hooj Choons’ most confounding releases: multiple slabs of promo vinyl and acetates feature various versions; however, the commercial 12″ only includes the ‘Lost Tribe Vocal Mix’ and “What’s This?” The two UK CD singles compile several—but not all—of the mixes, and they’re edited to comply with UK chart requirements; also, “What’s This?” is excluded entirely. The above tracklisting replicates promo CDR HOOJ073LCD, with additional bonus track ‘Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix.’

HELP > Anyone have the Australian CD with the full-length mixes?

Church Of Freedom


01 Church Of Freedom (Tinman Radio Edit)
02 Church Of Freedom (Redemption Radio Edit)
03 Church Of Freedom (Quivver Vocal)
04 Church Of Freedom (Redemption Dub)
05 Church Of Freedom (Rocky & Diesel Dub)
06 Church Of Freedom (Tinman 12″ Mix)

INFO > Amos Pizzey was part of the More Protein label stable back in the mid-1990s. “Church Of Freedom” is Amos’ fourth single, featuring mixes by Paul Dakeyne, John Graham, and Rocky & Diesel.

One & One


01 One & One (Radio Version)
02 One & One (Club Version)
03 4US
04 One & One (Quivvers Amityville Vocal)
05 One & One (Quivvers Amityville Dub)
06 One & One (David Morales Journey Mix)
07 One & One (Joe T. Vannelli SLK Mix)

INFO > Robert Miles (Roberto Concina) came to fame with the international hit “Children”, which started the ‘dream trance’ sub-genre of the mid-1990s. Following the release of Miles’ debut album, the success of his fourth single, “One & One”, prompted its inclusion on subsequent international issues and special editions. “One & One” features the vocal talents of Maria Nayler, and remixes from John Graham, David Morales, and Joe T. Vanelli (both UK CD singles are consolidated here).