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Eternal + Insatiable


“Eternal + Insatiable”
1988 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 115 CD

01 Eternal (Club Mix)
02 Insatiable (Chamber Mix)
03 Unveiling The Secret (Razormaid Mix)
04 Anguish
05 Eternal (Instrumental)
06 Insatiable (Instrumental)

Psyche’s final release for New Rose Records pairs club mixes of two tracks from “Mystery Hotel”, along with earlier single “Unveiling The Secret”, all remixed by Joseph Watt of Razormaid Productions. The instrumental versions are exclusive to the CD single.



1987/1988 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 99 CD / NEW 109

01 Uncivilized (Storm Release) | 04:59
02 Mind Over Matter (Insomnia Mix) | 04:25
03 Uncivilized (Train Station Radio) | 04:12
04 Prisoner To Desire (The Alcatraz Mix) | 07:15
05 Uncivilized (LP Version) | 03:41
06 Uncivilized (Instrumental) | 03:40

01 – 04 > sourced from “Uncivilized” (NEW 99 CD)
05 – 06 > sourced from “Mystery Hotel” (ROSE 145 CD)

In advance of their third album, “Mystery Hotel”, Psyche released the single “Uncivilized” in 1987. A live version of “The Outsider” on the 12″ vinyl is replaced by the Razormaid remix of “Prisoner To Desire” on the CD edition. A 7″ single of “Uncivilized” (NEW 109) issued in 1988 features the LP version and an instrumental.

Prisoner To Desire


“Prisoner To Desire”
1987 New Rose Records (FR)

01 Prisoner To Desire (Re-Animated) | 04:37
02 Black Panther (Hardcore Mix) | 3:51
03 Prisoner To Desire (Intoxicated) | 06:15
04 Unveiling The Secret (7″ Version)* | 03:13

01 – 02 > sourced from “Mystery Hotel” (ROSE 145 CD)
03 – 04 > sourced from “Unveiling The Secret” (NEAT 4 CD)

Per the sleeve: ‘These choice dance tracks were remixed from the “Unveiling The Secret” LP.’ It should be noted that there is a titling error on this release, which was subsequently carried over to the 1989 CD single of “Unveiling The Secret.” The ‘Re-Animated’ and ‘Intoxicated’ mix names are reversed on both the sleeve and media labels (that faux pas is corrected above).

*NOTE > Very special thanks to our good friend eLeMeNOhPeaQ for creating a custom 7″ edit of “Unveiling The Secret.”

Unveiling The Secret


“Unveiling The Secret”
1986 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 84

01 Unveiling The Secret (Remix) | 05:26
02 The Crawler | 02:20
03 Screaming Machine | 04:25
04 Waiting For The Stranger | 02:37

01 – 04 > sourced from “Unveiling The Secret” (ROSE 108 CD)

The title track of Psyche’s second album, “Unveiling The Secret”, runs for seven minutes in its original LP version. The song was remixed for a 12″ single release, which includes three intriguing B-sides. A 7″ single of “Unveiling The Secret” (NEW 90) was issued in 1987; the ‘Radio Mix’ is backed with a ‘Club Mix’ of “Psychic Vampire.” In 1989, a 3-inch mini CD single (NEAT 4 CD) was produced as part of New Rose’s ‘Neat Neat Neat’ series.

Contorting The Image


“Contorting The Image”
1986 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 74

01 Why Should I? | 05:05
02 Contorting The Image | 05:32
03 Thundershowers | 05:18
04 Suffocation | 02:54

01 – 04 > sourced from “Insomnia Theatre” (ROSE 78 CD)

“Contorting The Image” was issued in between Psyche’s first and second albums. In addition to “Why Should I?” and the title track, the EP includes a re-recorded version of the duo’s first single, “Thundershowers”, and “Suffocation” from the independently released first edition of Psyche’s debut LP, “Insomnia Theatre.”

New Psyche Reissues


Canadian brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss began collaborating musically in 1982. Inspired by the title of a Killing Joke B-side, the boys chose the band name Psyche. Throughout the 1980s, the Huss brothers worked under the aliases Evan Panic and Anthony Red. Keyboardist Dwayne Goettel was also a member during Psyche’s early days, and contributed to live performances and demo recordings; Goettel would later join Skinny Puppy.

Hailed as pioneers of the darkwave genre, Psyche blends elements of synthpop, industrial, goth, and experimental electronics. The duo’s debut single, “Thundershowers”, was released independently in 1985, followed by the LP “Insomnia Theatre.” Achieving moderate success in Europe, “Insomnia Theatre” was licensed by France’s New Rose Records for wider distribution. Psyche remained attached to New Rose for three years, producing two more albums and several singles.

Psyche’s first three albums have been remastered and will be reissued on CD and vinyl via Canadian label Artoffact Records on 24 June 2016. The releases include a generous assortment of bonus tracks, personally selected by Darrin Huss, of which several are previously unreleased or unavailable on CD.

Order Psyche reissues via Storming The Base

While Huss has described the new editions as “definitive”, there is material lacking from the respective releases. In an effort to fill in some gaps, today’s posts feature Psyche’s New Rose-era EPs, with vinyl singles recreated from digital sources.

In memory of Stephen Huss (19 August 1967 – 02 August 2015).

Psyche official website

Psyche – Eternal + Insatiable

“Eternal + Insatiable”
1988 New Rose Records (FR)
NEW 115 CD

01. Eternal (Club Mix)
02. Insatiable (U.S. Mix)
03. Unveiling The Secret (U.S. Mix)
04. Anguish
05. Eternal (Instrumental)
06. Insatiable (Instrumental)

1, 2, 3 > Remixed by Joseph Watt (Razormaid Productions)

INFO > Psyche was started in 1982 by Canadian brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss (working under the pseudonyms Evan Panic and Anthony Red). Exploring the darker side of synthpop, the duo found success in 1986 with “Unveiling The Secret.” This French EP includes a remix of that single, along with mixes of tracks from Psyche’s third album, “Mystery Hotel” (1988 New Rose, ROSE 145). Medical problems forced Stephen to leave the group in 1989, but Darrin has since continued Psyche with several collaborators.