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The Truth


01 The Truth (Radio Edit)
02 The Truth (New Impression Mix)
03 The Truth (Steel Fish Vocal Mix)
04 The Truth (Tomski Remix)
05 The Truth (DJ Taucher Remix)
06 The Truth (Sunset Mix)

INFO > Alex Whitcombe and Andy Cato followed up their debut single with “The Truth” in 1997. As with the prior release, Positiva licensed the tune from Steel Fish and commissioned new vocal versions and remixes for the label’s 1998 package.

So In Love [The Real Deal]


01 So In Love (Radio Edit)
02 So In Love (Sasha’s Qat Mix)
03 So In Love (West End ‘In Love’ Mix)
04 So In Love (Sasha’s Soak Mix)
05 So In Love (Frankie Foncett Vocal Mix)
06 So In Love (Frankie Foncett Dub)

INFO > Judy Cheeks debuted in 1973 with an eponymous album produced by Ike and Tina Turner. Although she experienced only moderate success over the next two decades, Cheeks hit her stride as a house diva in the 1990s. Helped by remixes from Frankie Foncett and Sasha, “So In Love [The Real Deal]” was a big hit for Cheeks in 1993.

Church Of Freedom


01 Church Of Freedom (Tinman Radio Edit)
02 Church Of Freedom (Redemption Radio Edit)
03 Church Of Freedom (Quivver Vocal)
04 Church Of Freedom (Redemption Dub)
05 Church Of Freedom (Rocky & Diesel Dub)
06 Church Of Freedom (Tinman 12″ Mix)

INFO > Amos Pizzey was part of the More Protein label stable back in the mid-1990s. “Church Of Freedom” is Amos’ fourth single, featuring mixes by Paul Dakeyne, John Graham, and Rocky & Diesel.

De Niro


01 De Niro (Edit)
02 De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)
03 De Niro (Full Circle Remix)
04 De Niro (The Jazz)
05 De Niro (Choirs In Vietnam Reprise)
06 De Niro (The Journey – 93 E.Q.)

INFO > Progressive house classic “De Niro” was produced by the talented trio of Ashley Beedle, Lindsay Edwards, and David Holmes working as The Disco Evangelists. The tune’s title stems from the sampling of Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack to “Once Upon a Time in America”, which stars… Robert De Niro.

B.B.E. – Flash


1997 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Flash (Radio Edit)
02. Flash (Original Club Mix)
03. Flash (UK Mix)
04. Seven Days And One Week (Radio Edit)
05. Photo (Club Mix)
06. Seven Days And One Week (The Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix)
07. Seven Days And One Week (Dex & Jonesey Philharmonic Mix)

INFO > The first collaborative effort from Bruno Quartier, Bruno Sanchioni, and Emmanuel Top was worldwide hit “Seven Days And One Week”; new mixes of that track were included with follow-up, “Flash.” Rollo & Sister Bliss pump up the percussion on “Seven Days”, but for my money, “Flash” is the better of the two tunes.


Umboza – Cry India

“Cry India”
1995 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Cry India (Radio Edit)
02. Cry India (Tocayo’s Vital Organ Mix)
03. Cry India (Tall Paul Remix)
04. Cry India (Divine’s Full Blown Dub)
05. Cry India (The Ark Anthem Mix)
06. Cry India (Tall Paul Dub)

INFO > Produced by Stuart Crichton and Michael Kilkie, this Lionel Richie-sampling chart hit is crap, but I love Tall Paul’s mix.

Cry India

Coco – I Need A Miracle

“I Need A Miracle”
1997 Positiva Records (UK)

01. I Need A Miracle (Radio Edit)
02. I Need A Miracle (Victor Imbres 12″ Mix Edit)
03. I Need A Miracle (Matthew Roberts Blue Sky Mix)
04. I Need A Miracle (Qattara Mix)
05. I Need A Miracle (Sol Brothers Dub Plate Vocal)
06. I Need A Miracle (Bar Room Mix)

INFO > Singer Susan Brice got her break in 1992 providing vocals on “One By One” by Sub Love, Jody Wisternoff’s pre-Way Out West hardcore project. Brice later adopted the name Coco and recorded “I Need A Miracle” in 1996; the track was written and produced by Rob Davis and Victor Imbres, and issued on the latter’s Greenlight label. Licensed by Positiva the following year, the single was moderately successful; however, the tune became a massive hit when mashed up with Fragma’s “Toca Me.” The bootleg received an official release in 2000 as “Toca’s Miracle.”

I Need A Miracle
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Natural Born Grooves – Groovebird

Natural Born Grooves
1997 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Groovebird (Klubbheads Radio Edit)
02. Groovebird (Radio Edit)
03. Groovebird (Original Mix)
04. Groovebird (N.B.G. Remix)
05. Groovebird (Klubbheads Klubb Mix)
06. Groovebird (Qattara Remix)

INFO > First out in 1995, NBG’s cheesy Euro trance hit was remixed by Klubbheads and Qattara for this 1997 UK reissue.

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Qattara – Come With Me

“Come With Me”
1997 Positiva Records (UK)

01. Come With Me (Qattara Vocal Edit)
02. Come With Me (Qattara Vocal Mix)
03. Come With Me (Paul van Dyk Remix)
04. Qattara (Pure Mix)
05. Come With Me (Atomix)

INFO > Qattara’s eponymous debut single from 1996 was the first release for Alex Whitcombe’s Steel Fish imprint. Upon licensing the track the following year, Positiva requested a vocal version from Whitcombe and partner Andy Cato; remixes by Paul van Dyk and Tokyo duo Heigo Tani & Shuji Wada (Atom) round out the release.