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Love So Strong (1994)


Secret Life
“Love So Strong” (1994)
1994 Pulse-8 Records (UK)

01 Love So Strong (Brothers In Rhythm Edit)
02 Love So Strong (Porter & Gleadall)
03 Love So Strong (Brothers In Rhythm Experience)
04  Love So Strong (The Association Mix)
05 Love So Strong (Play Boys DMC Dub)

Secret Life – She Holds The Key

Secret Life
“She Holds The Key”
1994 Pulse-8 Records (UK)

01. She Holds The Key (Original 7″)
02. She Holds The Key (Play Boys 7″ Edit)
03. She Holds The Key (Play Boys Club Mix)
04. She Holds The Key (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub)
05. She Holds The Key (H.A.L.F. I’m A Believer Mix)
06. She Holds The Key (Secret Life Club Mix)

INFO > After releasing two singles through Cowboy as a quartet, Secret Life slimmed down to a duo and jumped ship to Pulse-8. Between 1994 and 1996, Andy Throup and Paul Bryant produced five singles and an album for Pulse-8, including “She Holds The Key.”

She Holds The Key

Chris & James – Fox Force Five

Chris & James
“Fox Force Five”
1995 Stress Records (UK)

01. Fox Force Five (Radio Edit)
02. Fox Force Five (Original Club Mix)
03. Fox Force Five (Play Boys Dub)
04. Fox Force Five (Big C’s Break Of Dawn Mix)

INFO > Chris Day and James Bradley produced some memorable singles and remixes in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, “Fox Force Five” isn’t the duo’s finest moment, with its contrived sampling of Samuel L. Jackson’s dramatic delivery of Ezekiel 25:17 from “Pulp Fiction.” However, Andy Cato’s brilliant ‘Break Of Dawn’ revision handily salvages this release.


Ramp – Rock The Discotek ’96

“Rock The Discotek ’96”
1996 Loaded Records (UK)

01. Rock The Discotek (Seven Inch Mix)
02. Rock The Discotek (Club Mix)
03. Rock The Discotek (Live It! Mix)
04. Rock The Discotek (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub)
05. Rock The Discotek (Pizzaman Remix)
06. Rock The Discotek (DJ Icey Remix)
07. Rock The Discotek (Original Mix)*

*Bonus track, sourced from the Dutch issue on Royal Records

INFO > Simon Rogers’ diverse resume includes composing music for ballets, a stint in South American folk group Incantation, jamming with Mark E. Smith in The Fall, producing albums for Peter Murphy and The Lightning Seeds, and scoring television programs. As DJ Streets Ahead, Shem McCauley remixed Betty Boo, Was (Not Was), Roxanne Shante, Digital Underground, James Brown, Herb Alpert and others in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Rogers and McCauley first worked together on the single “Electrofear” by short-lived electro collective Nation 12, after which they remixed “Winter In July” by Bomb The Bass. The duo then honed their house skills as Ramp, delivering loads of distinct remixes during the mid-1990s. First released in 1994, “Rock The Discotek” was Ramp’s second single; this reissue features vocals by Ricardo Da Force and new mixes from Loaded labelmates Pizzaman (Norman Cook) and Play Boys (John Reid and Tim Jefferey, who also founded the label).