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A Strange Kind Of Love (CA Promo)


01 A Strange Kind Of Love (Remix Version) 03:53
02 A Strange Kind Of Love (Album Version) 03:51
03 A Strange Kind Of Love (Long Remix Version) 05:08

INFO > “A Strange Kind Of Love” is taken from Peter Murphy’s third LP, “Deep.” An alternate mix of the song features as a B-side to “Cuts You Up”, while a remixed version was promoted in North America for radio airplay, with an accompanying video for TV exposure.

Peter Murphy – Final Solution

Peter Murphy
“Final Solution”
1985 Beggars Banquet (UK)
BEG 143

01. Final Solution (Club Mix) 05:30
02. Final Solution (Full Version) 04:50
03. The Answer Is Clear (Version) 03:13
04. Final Solution (Third & Final Mix) 05:50

INFO > Over ten years ago, I corresponded via email with a rep at Beggars Banquet regarding a possible compilation of Peter Murphy’s early singles; the rep responded that such a project was “in the works.”

Two weeks ago, a remastered and expanded edition of Peter Murphy’s first solo album, “Should The World Fail To Fall Apart”, was released, featuring the material I had inquired about a decade earlier. Needless to say, I’ve been waiting a long time for this CD.

The new issue is not without its flaws, unfortunately. For starters, I find it peculiar that Beggars Archive outsourced this release to Cherry Red Records (I’m sure the bean-counters weighed in on that decision). Bauhaus’ first two albums received super-deluxe treatment in-house, and although “STWFTFA” isn’t a seminal album by any reckoning, Murphy is one of Beggars’ most high profile catalog artists and deserving of respect. Cherry Red’s packaging and liner notes may disappoint, but thankfully the sound mastering by Andy Pearce is exceptional.

Almost all of Murphy’s early singles and associated mixes are present on the bonus disc; however, the track labeled as the ‘Club Mix’ of “Final Solution” is instead a previously unreleased version of the Pere Ubu cover (suggesting that the ‘Third & Final Mix’ is actually neither). Errors like this (and far worse) occur quite frequently with reissue projects—I don’t understand how individuals working for record labels in an archival capacity are so prone to mistakes.

Presented here is the proper ‘Club Mix’, along with all other tracks from the “Final Solution” vinyl releases, digitally sourced from the limited edition Japanese box set, “Composition.”