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1997 Perfecto/Warner Music (UK)

01 Places (7″ Mix)
02 Places (Luna Vocal)
03 Places (Transatlantic Dub)
04 Places (Suicide Dub)
05 Places (Three ‘N One Mix)

My Spirit


“My Spirit”
1997 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01 My Spirit (Radio Edit)
02 My Spirit (Original Tilt Mix)
03 My Spirit (Dizzy Remix)
04 My Spirit (Pink Bomb Remix)
05  My Spirit (Groovestation Extended Mix)



Amoeba Assassin
1998 Perfecto/Warner Music (UK)

01 Rollercoaster (Radio Mix)
02 Rollercoaster (Oakey’s Courtyard Mix)
03 Rollercoaster (Listen And Feel Live Mix)
04 The Rollercoaster

Written and produced by Andy Gray and Steve Sacre, “Rollercoaster” is a rollicking ride worthy of its title. The trance track was hammered by Paul Oakenfold during his residency at Liverpool superclub Cream in the late-1990s.



Wild Colour
1996 Kinetic/Reprise (US)

01 Dreams (Perfecto Radio Mix)
02 Dreams (Perfecto Club Mix)
03 Dreams (BT’s Circadian Dream)
04 Dreams (Tin Tin Out Vocal Mix)
05 Dreams (Perfecto Jeep Mix)
06 Dreams (Friscia’s Dreamy Vocal Mix)
07 Dreams (Friscia & Nevins Dreams Into The A.M. Dub)

Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 US Number 1 hit “Dreams” was covered by Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne under the alias Wild Colour, and issued as a single via Perfecto in 1995. The US release adds additional (crap) mixes by Glenn Friscia and Jason Nevins.

I Dream


01 I Dream (Casa De Angeles Mix)
02 I Dream (Tilted Dub)

Embracing The Sunshine


01 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix Edit) 04:00
02 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix) 13:07
03 Embracing The Future 05:21
04 Deeper Sunshine 07:06
05 Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Deeper Future Dub) 10:06

INFO > Brian Transeau’s first production under his BT moniker was 1993 single “Embracing The Future”, with “Deeper Sunshine” on the flip side. The following year, Sasha reworked elements of both tracks into “Embracing The Sunshine” for a promo release. After Paul Oakenfold signed Transeau to his Perfecto label, the original single tracks and Sasha’s remixes were reissued as “Embracing The Sunshine” in 1995.

I’ll Be Your Friend (1997)


01 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Radio Edit)
02 I’ll Be Your Friend (10,000 Leagues Under N.Y.C.)
03 I’ll Be Your Friend (Prince Quick’s Amped Up Pass)
04 I’ll Be Your Friend (Into The Millennium)
05 I’ll Be Your Friend (Oakenfold Edit Of Def Mix)
06 I’ll Be Your Friend (SPS Customized Caned Mix)
07 I’ll Be Your Friend (Dekkard’s Satellite Vocal)
08 I’ll Be Your Friend (Glamourous Mix)

INFO > Originally released in 1991, Robert Owens’ house classic “I’ll Be Your Friend” was reissued in 1997 with new mixes by Prince Quick, Dave Valentine, and Richard Dekkard.

Down To Earth


01 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne 7″ Mix)
02 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Master Mix)
03 Down To Earth (Oakenfold & Osborne Dub Mix)
04 Down To Earth (Angeles Vocal Mix)
05 Down To Earth (EFM Darkside Mix)

INFO > Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne’s fourth single as Grace, 1996’s “Down To Earth”, was remixed by Angeles (Jay Welsh & Martin Cartledge) and Eddy Fingers.

HELP > Anyone have “You’re Not Mine” and “Down To Earth”?

Do I


01 Do I (Stealth Radio Edit)
02 Do I (Dillon & Dickins Remix)
03 Do I (Distant Drums Remix)
04 Do I (Stealth Club Mix)
05 Do I (Necromonic Club Mix)

INFO > Although written by Bizarre Inc’s Carl Turner and credited to Gifted, 1997 single “Do I” is essentially a Love To Infinity production, with remixes from Marc Dillon & Patrick Dickins and Distant Drums (Simeon Friend & Mike Mukhopadhyay).

Reach Up [Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag]


01 Reach Up [Pig Bag] (Radio Edit)
02 Reach Up [Pig Bag] (Perfecto Remix)
03 Reach Up [Pig Bag] (Indian Summer Remix)
04 Zed’s Dead

INFO > Released in 1995, “Reach Up” is Paul Oakenfold and Steve Osborne’s take on “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag”, the debut single of Pigbag. The original instrumental track was an underground dance hit in 1981; the Perfecto team maintains the funky horns and percussion, but adds their trademark trance sound to the mix. Oakey included Martin Freeland’s ‘Indian Summer Remix’ on his legendary “Goa Mix”, created for BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix in 1994.