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Healing Dream

Sunday Club
“Healing Dream”
1997 Stress Records (UK)

01 Healing Dream (Original Mix)
02 Healing Dream (Paul van Dyk Remix)
03 Healing Dream (Dub Mix)

Only Human


01 Only Human (Edit)
02 Run To You (Masters At Work Radio Edit)
03 Run To You (BT & PvD’s 7 Skies Vocal Mix)
04 Run To You (Mindspell Killa Vocal Beatdown)

INFO > Early in her career, Dina Carroll was part of dance act Masquerade, which released a couple of singles through the seminal Streetwave label during the mid-1980s. Later signing to Jive, she began her solo career with a cover of “Walk On By” in 1989. A few modest hits followed, after which Carroll moved to Mercury and released her second album, “Only Human”, in 1996. The title track was issued as the LP’s second single, backed with remixes of “Run To You.”

How Much Can You Take?


01 How Much Can You Take? (Visual)
02 How Much Can You Take? (Emotional)
03 Voices From Another World
04 A New Beginning
05 How Much Can You Take? (Physical)

INFO > Released in 1993, “How Much Can You Take?” was the second of two singles produced by Harald Blüchel and Matthias Paul (better known as Cosmic Baby and Paul van Dyk), collaborating as The Visions Of Shiva.

The Age Of Love (1997 Remixes)


01 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix)
02 The Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Radio Edit)
03 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix)
04 The Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Love Of Ages Mix)
05 The Age Of Love (Baby Doc Remix)
06 The Age Of Love (Secret Knowledge Remix)
07 The Age Of Love (Emmanuel Top Remix)
08 The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Sign Of The Time Mix)
09 The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix)

INFO > In 1997, React reissued “The Age Of Love” with new remixes from Paul van Dyk, Quentin Franglen, Kris Needs, and Emmanuel Top, along with the Jam & Spoon mixes from 1992 (all tracks from the two UK CD singles are consolidated here). Flogging it further, React commissioned more mixes from Johnny Vicious and Brainbug the following year, and then another raft of reworks in 2004. Looking on Discogs, I see there were yet more mixes issued in 2010 and 2011. Let it rest, people—the age of love has passed…



01 Cream (Radio Edit)
02 Cream (Long Version)
03 Cream (Evolution Mix)
04 Cream (Paul van Dyk Shortcut)
05 Cream (Paul van Dyk Mix)
06 Cream (ATB Mix)

INFO > Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones joined forces in 1997 and quickly established themselves within the electronic music community. The duo’s 1999 hit single “Cream” was made even more massive by Paul van Dyk. Barry Jamieson and Jon Sutton’s remix is exclusive to the UK release on Deviant Records.



01 Words (Radiowave Mix)
02 Moonlightning (Nightdrive Mix)
03 Words (For Love)
04 Words (Curve’s Headcase Mix)
05 Words (Original Version Radio Edit)
06 Words (Qattara Mix)
07 Words (Mana Mix)
08 Moonlightning (Night Mix)

INFO > Curve’s Toni Halliday mumbles some nonsense in the ‘Radiowave Mix’ of Paul van Dyk’s 1997 single, “Words.” Curve also contribute a thumping techno remix, while Qattara (Andy Cato & Alex Whitcombe) and Mana (Guy & Lysa Oldhams) add other variations.

Emergency (The Remixes)


01 Emergency (Radioactive)
02 Step Right On!
03 Emergency 911
04 A World Full Of DJs
05 Smell Of Spring
06 It’s Time

INFO > This 1995 EP from über producer Paul van Dyk is ‘dedicated to all those who work for the emergency services.’

Jackpot Presents Guerilla EP


01 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Radio Mix)
02 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Carl Cox & PvD Mix)
03 Tenth Chapter – Prologue (Atlas’ 1st Addition Mix)
04 Tenth Chapter – Whiteland
05 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Girl Eats Boy Mix)
06 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Ernie & Bert Mix)
07 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (Blue Amazon Mix)
08 Drum Club – You Make Me Feel So Good (The Project Mix)
09 React 2 Rhythm – Intoxication (Leftfield’s Clubfield Mix)

INFO > Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand, this 1997 release combines two remixed Guerilla singles issued by Jackpot, with a React 2 Rhythm track tacked on for good measure.



01 Sunday Club – Healing Dream (Main Mix)
02 Angelo – Funkdamental (Dos Deviants Deadly Dub)
03 Sunday Club – Healing Dream (PvD’s Inner-Mind Remix)
04 Angelo – Voltage
05 Sunday Club – Healing Dream (Freefall Dub)
06 Drop Out – Image
07 Paul van Dyk – Forbidden Fruit (Futureworld Video Edit)
08 Angelo – Fusion
09 Lucky Monkeys – Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin’ Remix)



01 Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) 04:11
02 Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) 07:43
03 Rendezvous (Tilt’s Quadraphonic Mix) 08:03
04 Invisible (Original Vocal 12″) 08:04
05 I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) 07:25
06 What’s This? (Tilt’s Tunnel Mix) 6:46
07 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub) 09:00
08 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix) 12:31

INFO > In 1999, the Tilt trio of Michael Parks, Michael Wilson, and John Graham recycled their trance instrumental “Rendezvous” (written and produced with Paul van Dyk) into “Invisible”, featuring former Grace vocalist Dominique Atkins. From a collector’s perspective, it’s one of Hooj Choons’ most confounding releases: multiple slabs of promo vinyl and acetates feature various versions; however, the commercial 12″ only includes the ‘Lost Tribe Vocal Mix’ and “What’s This?” The two UK CD singles compile several—but not all—of the mixes, and they’re edited to comply with UK chart requirements; also, “What’s This?” is excluded entirely. The above tracklisting replicates promo CDR HOOJ073LCD, with additional bonus track ‘Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix.’

HELP > Anyone have the Australian CD with the full-length mixes?