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When You Made The Mountain


01 When You Made The Mountain (Radio Edit)
02 When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix Edit)
03 When You Made The Mountain (Afro Cuban Radio Edit)
04 When You Made The Mountain (Extended Mix)
05 When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix)
06 When You Made The Mountain (Afro Cuban Trance Mix)
07 When You Made The Mountain (MK Dub)
08 When You Made The Mountain (Paul Gotel Club Mix)
09 When You Made The Mountain (Well Hung Parliament Adventure)

INFO > “When You Made The Mountain” was issued to promote OIII’s 1994 sophomore album, “Guru Mother.” The single was reworked by Marc Kinchen, Tony Garcia, and Paul Gotel; tracks from the US promo and commercial releases are consolidated here.

S1000 – Not Gonna Do It

“Not Gonna Do It”
1993 Deep Distraxion (UK)

01. Not Gonna Do It (Original Edit)
02. Not Gonna Do It (Watchman Mix)
03. Not Gonna Do It (Blacklodge Mix)
04. Not Gonna Do It (Big Blue Mix)
05. Not Gonna Do It (Obsessive Mix)

INFO > Short-lived S1000 included Mike Koglin and Spencer Williams, with production assistance from Paul Gotel (Williams’ partner in The Well Hung Parliament). “Not Gonna Do It” was S1000’s second single, following their 1992 debut on Guerilla Records, “Flatliners.”

Not Gonna Do It
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Shady – Pearls (Hallelujah)

“Pearls (Hallelujah)”
1995 WEA (UK)

01. Pearls (Hallelujah) (Paul Gotel’s 7″ Radio Edit)
02. Pearls (Hallelujah) (Dancing Divaz 7″ Radio Edit)
03. Pearls (Hallelujah) (Paul Gotel’s Pacha Soundscape Edit)
04. Pearls (Hallelujah) (Dancing Divaz Mix)
05. Pearls (Hallelujah) (8am Terrace Reprise Edit)
06. Pearls (Hallelujah) (After Hours Dub)

INFO > Housed up by producer Peter Rauhofer, this Sade cover was first issued on the German Gig label in 1994. When Warner Music licensed the track for a UK/EU release, Paul Gotel and Dancing Divaz were enlisted to remix the tune. Gotel creates an epic Balearic trance journey, while the Divaz turn out a hands-in-the-air crowd mover. Rauhofer’s ‘After Hours Dub’ rounds out this CD single.


The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

The Shamen
1990 One Little Indian Records (UK)

01. Progen (Land Of Oz Mix)
02. Lightspan (Ben Chapman Mix)
03. Pregen (Steve Osborne Edit)


The Shamen
1991 One Little Indian Records (UK)

01. Move Any Mountain (Bang To The Beat Of The Drum)
02. Move Any Mountain (The Joey Beltram Remix)
03. Move Any Mountain (Rising High Dub)
04. Move Any Mountain (Alta Vista/F2 Mello)
05. Move Any Mountain (The Prelude To Paradise)
06. Move Any Mountain (666 Edit)
07. Move Any Mountain (Land Of Oz Mix)
08. Move Any Mountain (C. Mix)
09. Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)
10. Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)
11. Move Any Mountain (Landslide Edit)
12. Move Any Mountain (F. Troop Edit)
13. Move Any Mountain (Oz Edit)
14. Move Any Mountain (Bang Edit)
15. The Sound Of Progen (Samples)


The Shamen
“Move Any Mountain (Progen 91)”
1991 Epic Records (US)
49K 74043

01. Move Any Mountain (I.R.P. In The Land Of Oz)
02. Move Any Mountain (Landslide Vox)
03. Move Any Mountain (666 Edit)
04. Move Any Mountain (Alta Vista/F2 Mello)
05. Move Any Mountain (Beatmasters Dub)
06. Move Any Mountain (Mountains In The Sky)
07. Move Any Mountain (C. Mix)
08. Sample – Bass
09. Sample – Trumpets
10. Sample – Guitar
11. Sample – Keyboards
12. Sample – Sax
13. Sample – Oz Loop
14. Sample – Beltram Loop
15. Sample – Devil Loop
16. Sample – MAM Lo Vox
17. Sample – MAM Hi Vox
18. Sample – MAM Harmony
19. Sample – Monkeys
20. Sample – Bang To The Beat Vox
21. Sample – No 1 Vox
22. Sample – C. Rap
23. Sample – Colin Rap


INFO > Mixes by Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne, Joey Beltram, Tommy Musto & Frankie Bones, Caspar Pound, ‘Evil’ Eddie Richards, Bryan ‘Chuck’ New, The Kid & Jon, Paul Gotel, Mr. C., F. Troop, The Beatmasters… am I missing anyone?

Sunscreem – Broken English

“Broken English”
1992 Sony Soho Square (UK)
658872 2 / 658903 2 / 658903 5 / XPCD 241

01. Broken English (7″ Version) 03:36
02. Broken English (7″ Extended Version) 04:56
03. Broken English (Slam Vocal Mix) 06:44
04. Broken English (Slam Sub Dub) 06:41
05. Broken English (Distorted English) 06:19
06. Broken English (Broken Rhythm) 08:56
07. Broken English (SXS Vocal Mix) 08:26
08. Broken English (The Well Hung Parliament Mix) 08:58

INFO > Sunscreem’s fifth single was an inspired cover of Marianne Faithfull’s 1980 anti-war anthem, “Broken English.” There’s no shortage of remixes across the various formats, with reworkings courtesy of Phil Bodger, Slam, The Wizard Of Oz, Dave Valentine, Paul Gotel, and band members Lucia Holm and Sean Wright.