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1997 Perfecto/Warner Music (UK)

01 Places (7″ Mix)
02 Places (Luna Vocal)
03 Places (Transatlantic Dub)
04 Places (Suicide Dub)
05 Places (Three ‘N One Mix)

My Spirit


“My Spirit”
1997 Perfecto/EastWest (UK)

01 My Spirit (Radio Edit)
02 My Spirit (Original Tilt Mix)
03 My Spirit (Dizzy Remix)
04 My Spirit (Pink Bomb Remix)
05  My Spirit (Groovestation Extended Mix)

I Dream


01 I Dream (Casa De Angeles Mix)
02 I Dream (Tilted Dub)

I Turn To You


01 I Turn To You (Hex Hector Radio Mix)
02 I Turn To You (StoneBridge Club Mix)
03 Never Be The Same Again (Live At MTV)
04 I Turn To You (Hex Hector Club Mix)
05 I Turn To You (Tilt’s Maverick Remix)

INFO > When The Spice Girls debuted in 1996, Mel C was my least favorite. However, time has been kind to Sporty, and her Spice rank has subsequently improved. Released in 2000, “I Turn To You” was the fourth single from Melanie Chisholm’s debut solo album, “Northern Star.” The song topped the charts in the UK and several European countries, and Hex Hector’s remix earned him a Grammy Award. The above tracklisting is unique to the Australian CD single.



01 Invisible (Original Vocal Edit) 04:11
02 Invisible (Lost Tribe Vocal Mix) 07:43
03 Rendezvous (Tilt’s Quadraphonic Mix) 08:03
04 Invisible (Original Vocal 12″) 08:04
05 I Dream (Tilt’s Resurrection Mix) 07:25
06 What’s This? (Tilt’s Tunnel Mix) 6:46
07 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Dub) 09:00
08 Invisible (Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix) 12:31

INFO > In 1999, the Tilt trio of Michael Parks, Michael Wilson, and John Graham recycled their trance instrumental “Rendezvous” (written and produced with Paul van Dyk) into “Invisible”, featuring former Grace vocalist Dominique Atkins. From a collector’s perspective, it’s one of Hooj Choons’ most confounding releases: multiple slabs of promo vinyl and acetates feature various versions; however, the commercial 12″ only includes the ‘Lost Tribe Vocal Mix’ and “What’s This?” The two UK CD singles compile several—but not all—of the mixes, and they’re edited to comply with UK chart requirements; also, “What’s This?” is excluded entirely. The above tracklisting replicates promo CDR HOOJ073LCD, with additional bonus track ‘Tilt’s Supernatural Vocal Mix.’

HELP > Anyone have the Australian CD with the full-length mixes?

L’Homme Van Renn – The (Real) Love Thang

L’Homme Van Renn
“The (Real) Love Thang”
1995 KMS Records (UK)

01. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Radio Edit)
02. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Edit)
03. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s RDR Mix)
04. The (Real) Love Thang (Northern Frontier Mix)
05. The (Real) Love Thang (Rob D’s Dub)
06. The (Real) Love Thang (The Original Mad Mike Mix)
07. The (Real) Love Thang (Working For Your Paradise Mix)

INFO > “Mad” Mike Banks collaborated with Paul Randolph and Rob Dougan on this soulful single. Mike’s funky original mix is overshadowed by the huge prog house productions of Rob D and Parks & Wilson.


Darlene Lewis – Soul Fly Free

Darlene Lewis
“Soul Fly Free”
1994 KMS Records (UK) / Network Records (UK)

01. Soul Fly Free (Radio Edit)
02. Soul Fly Free (Parks & Wilson 7″ Edit)
03. Soul Fly Free (Dub Club Super Mix)
04. Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park 12″ Mix)
05. Soul Fly Free (Parks & Wilson 12″ Mix)
06. Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park Dub Mix)

INFO > Detroit techno legend “Mad” Mike Banks wrote and produced “Soul Fly Free” for Darlene Lewis, who seemingly vanished afterward. The single was released via the UK arm of Kevin Saunderson’s KMS Records, and features outstanding remixes by Graeme Park and Parks & Wilson.


Inner City – Share My Life

Inner City
“Share My Life”
1994 6 x 6 Records (UK)

01. Share My Life (Ian Levine Radio Mix)
02. Share My Life (Kevin Saunderson ‘Master Reese’ Master Edit)
03. Share My Life (Reese Dub Reese Mix)
04. Share My Life (Graeme Park Vocal Mix)
05. Share My Life (Aquarel Future Sound Of Longton Mix)
06. Share My Life (Parks & Wilson LA Underground Mix)

INFO > High quality house from Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey, accompanied by well-varied remixes.


Fathers Of Sound – Water

Fathers Of Sound
1998 Renaissance Music (UK)

01. Water (The Light Radio Edit)
02. Water (Fathers Of Sound Main Vocal Mix)
03. Water (The Light 12″ Remix)
04. Water (Parks & Wilson H₂O Remix)

INFO > When famed UK nightclub Renaissance set up a branded imprint in 1998, Italian house duo Fulvio Perniola and Gianni Bini were tapped for the new label’s first single. With vocals by Sharon May Lynn, “Water” features a breakbeat revision by The Light and a prog house rework from Parks & Wilson.


Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall

Atlantic Ocean
1994 Total Recall Records (DE)
TR 030 CD

01. Waterfall (Original Netherlands 12″ Mix)
02. Waterfall (Pegasus Remix)
03. Waterfall (Deep Tranquil Mix)
04. Waterfall (Ritmo Rivals Remix)

INFO > Lex van Coeverden and René van der Weyde rode a wave of success from this international club hit back in 1993/94. In addition to the Dutch duo’s original and Pegasus mixes, this German CD single includes UK remixes by The Unknown and Parks & Wilson.