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Outlander – The Vamp (Revamped)

“The Vamp (Revamped)”
1997 R & S Records (BE)
RS 97113 CD

01. The Vamp (Video Edit)
02. The Vamp (Original)
03. The Vamp (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
04. The Vamp (Frank De Wulf Remix)

INFO > Given recent posts over at Within A Constant Groove about legendary Belgian label R & S Records, I thought I’d bust out this classic by Marcos Salon. Founded in 1989 by Renaat Vandepapeliere and Sabine Maes, R & S defined proper techno in the early 1990s with groundbreaking material from Aphex Twin, CJ Bolland, Dave Angel, Model 500, Jam & Spoon, Ken Ishii, and Joey Beltram. A massive rave-era hit upon its original release in 1991, “The Vamp” was remixed and reissued in 1997; among the knob twiddlers is Kevin Saunderson—an appropriate choice given that “The Vamp” utilizes elements of Reese & Santonio’s “The Sound.”