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With Or Without You


01 With Or Without You (Eddy Fingers Radio Mix)
02 With Or Without You (Planet Album Mix)
03 With Or Without You (Qattara Tartan Trance Mix)
04 With Or Without You (Spiritual Masters Kik Mix)
05 With Or Without You (Mrs Wood’s White ‘N’ Wood Remix)
06 With Or Without You (Canny Remix)

INFO > Covering a U2 song can be risky business, but that hasn’t hindered countless efforts to tackle the band’s iconic catalog. Produced by Eddy Fingers, Mary Kiani’s trance house take on “With Or Without You” is hardly essential listening. The remixes don’t do much to improve the tune, although I am partial to Qattara’s ‘Tartan Trance Mix’ (referencing Kiani’s Scottish heritage).


Extra special thanks to Rob in the UK for going above and beyond (and down under) to cross this item off my wants list. Rob purchased a copy from a seller in Australia and had it shipped directly to me. Youdunnit, buddy!!


01 Whodunnit? (Hardbag Mix)
02 Whodunnit? (Original Mix)
03 Joanna
04 Whodunnit? (Fruity Mix)
05 The Awakening
06 Calamity Jane

INFO > This 1994 CD EP combines Mrs. Wood’s first two singles of her trademark high energy techno. “Whodunnit?” B-side “Joanna” was remixed and released as a single the following year.

Mrs. Wood – Joanna

Mrs. Wood
1995 React Music (UK)

01. Joanna (Tony De Vit V2 Remix) 09:35
02. Joanna (Shimmon & Woolfson Remix) 06:50
03. Joanna (New Mix) 04:02
04. Joanna (Tony De Vit V2 Radio Edit) 04:00
05. Joanna (Original Mix Radio Edit) 03:11

INFO > As a core artist of the venerable React label, Jane Rolink (aka Mrs. Wood) created fast-paced and energetic techno. The original mix of piano-driven track “Joanna” first appeared on 1994 single “Whodunnit?” When the tune was released later as a proper single, the late Tony De Vit delivered one of his best remixes.