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In This Cold Place

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir “In This Cold Place”
Video animation by Steve Cutts

The new album is now available as a free download:

More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse

“The music is free, but if you want to pay for it, just give money to your favorite charity. The issues that I’m personally most concerned about are: animal rights, factory farming, climate change, and women’s rights. Oh, and electoral reform in the USA. But it’s up to you!” Moby

We’re Not As Smart As Our Phones

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir
“Are You Lost In The World Like Me?”

The Right Way To Serve A Turkey Dinner

Farm Sanctuary

Thought For Food

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir “Don’t Leave Me”

Mercy For Animals

Next Is The E


“Next Is The E”
1992 Instinct Records (US)
EX 247-2

01 Next Is The E (Edit)
02 Next Is The E (Victory Mix)
03 Next Is The E (Synthe Mix)
04 Next Is The E (I Feel It)
05 Thousand
06 Next Is The E (Cool World Mix)

Moby “Almost Home”

Moby “Almost Home” (Best Friends Animal Society Lyric Video)

From Moby:

A few weeks ago i went up to Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay & Neuter Center, an L.A. city location of Best Friends Animal Society, and made a short lyric video for ‘almost home’.

The video cost, roughly, $0, and it features a whole bunch of the dogs and cats who are available for adoption.

It’s always a good time to adopt an animal from a shelter, but it seems like an especially good time to adopt an animal, as it’s holiday / channukah / kwanzaa / saturnalia / festivus / etc.

So: i hope you like the video, and i hope you’re able to provide a home for a dog or cat (or gerbil or snake or any other shelter animal) this season.


I Talk To The Wind (US Promo)


01 I Talk To The Wind (LP Edit)
02 I Talk To The Wind (Transcendent Mix Edit)
03 I Talk To The Wind (Extended Mix)
04 I Talk To The Wind (Transcendent Mix)

INFO > Moby’s remix edit is digitally exclusive to this US promo.

Moby – Move

There are viable (and usually better) alternatives to the use of animals for food, sport, clothing, & experimentation.
I beg you to discontinue any actions that might cause or condone animal torture, abuse, or destruction.

1993 Elektra Records (US)
9 61568-2

01. Move (You Make Me Feel So Good)
02. All That I Need Is To Be Loved (MV)
03. Morning Dove
04. Move (Disco Threat)
05. Unloved Symphony
06. The Rain Falls And The Sky Shudders

INFO > The “Move” EP was Moby’s debut for Mute (Elektra in the US) after signing with the label in 1993. Featuring upbeat Euro house, underground techno, fast-paced rave, and soothing ambient, the release is consistent with Moby’s earlier work.

Moby – Into The Blue (Remixes)

“Into The Blue” (Remixes)
1995 Mute Records Ltd (UK)

01. Into The Blue (Voodoo Child Mix)
02. Into The Blue (Spiritual Mix)
03. Into The Blue (Simple Mix)
04. Into The Blue (Uplifting 4 Beat Mix)
05. Into The Blue (Summer Wind Mix)
06. Into The Blue (The Buzz Boys Main Room Mayhem Mix)

INFO > While I’m still in a Moby mood, here’s one of the many singles taken from his 1995 album, “Everything Is Wrong.” John Digweed included Phil Kelsey’s ‘Buzz Boys’ mix on “Renaissance – The Mix Collection Part 2.”


Moby – Go

1991 Outer Rhythm Records (UK)

01. Go (Woodtick Mix)
02. Go (Low Spirit Mix)
03. Go (Analog Mix)

INFO > Assuming everyone is familiar with Mr. Richard Melville Hall, I’ll dispense with the customary background material. The motive for this post is to highlight Moby’s recent comments denouncing the musical merit of many contemporary pop stars. In an interview for Spinner, Moby deemed the tunes of Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and The Black Eyed Peas as “hyper-produced corporate product”, not music. Moby clarified that his observation isn’t a criticism, but specified that to call such emotionless output ‘music’ is “a misnomer”, and describes superficial hits as “advertising for ringtones.”

Okay, I like Moby (mainly for his advocacy efforts to promote animal welfare), but I can’t profess that his music has ever elicited any profound emotions. And yes, he sold out the “Play” album to countless adverts. However, his assessment of today’s chart-toppers is dead on. Auto-Tune killed the radio star…