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MC 900 Ft Jesus – Live In Vienna A.D. MCMXCII


MC 900 Ft Jesus
“Live In Vienna A.D. MCMXCII”
2013 Self-Released

01 Radio Station Intro / Interview
02 Falling Elevators
03 Adventures In Failure
04  I’m Going Straight To Heaven
05 The City Sleeps
06 Truth Is Out Of Style
07 Killer Inside Me
08 O-Zone
09 Spaceman
10 Radio Station Outro

Texan Mark Griffin is better know as MC 900 Ft Jesus—his musical style melds aspects of hip hop, funk, jazz, industrial, and experimental electronics. Debuting with the independently released single “Too Bad” in 1988, Griffin caught the attention of Nettwerk Records and he was promptly signed to the label.

I was recently chatting online with Kell Ryan, the administrator of the MC 900 Ft Jesus Facebook page. He informed me that the big MC recently played a gig in Austin Dallas, TX—his first in over 15 years. And there’s another show scheduled for April in Houston.

Kell also shared a vintage live performance, captured at Szene Wien in Vienna, Austria on 11 June 1992. As the recording is sourced from a radio broadcast, the first and last tracks are comments (in German) by presenter Werner Geier. And Kell conceived the cover art, channeling the aesthetic of graphic design god Steven R. Gilmore.