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Adored And Explored


Marc Almond
“Adored And Explored”
1995 Mercury (UK)
MERCD 431 / MERDD 431

01 Adored And Explored (7″ Edit)
02 The User
03 Loveless World
04 Adored And Explored (Andy Meecham’s Slow Fat Dub)
05 Adored And Explored (Beatmasters 12″ Take 1 Mix)
06 Adored And Explored (Andy Meecham’s Big Long Club Mix)
07 Adored And Explored (X-Press 2 Extremexcess Mix)
08 Adored And Explored (Kung Fu Mix)

“Adored And Explored” was the first single released in advance of Marc Almond’s ninth solo album, “Fantastic Star.” Featuring remixes by Beatmasters, Andy Meecham, X-Press 2, and Messiah, “Adored And Explored” reached 25 on the UK Singles Chart. Unique tracks from both CD singles are consolidated here.

My Hand Over My Heart


01 My Hand Over My Heart (Single Mix)
02 My Hand Over My Heart (Grit And Glitter Mix)
03 Money For Love (Fiddle Mix)
04 Night And No Morning
05 Money For Love (Ennio Mix)
06 Deadly Serenade
07 My Hand Over My Heart (Andrei’s Radio Edit)*

*Special bonus track

INFO > Lush production, romantic lyrics, and an impassioned vocal performance combined to create one of Marc Almond’s most memorable singles, 1991’s “My Hand Over My Heart.” Almond co-wrote the song with former Soft Cell partner Dave Ball and Richard Norris (The Grid), who also remixed the tune. Trevor Horn spared no expense for a full orchestral accompaniment, arranged by Anne Dudley. And as if the main attraction weren’t enough, we’re also treated to several of Almond’s exceptional B-sides.

The one element lacking from this package is a proper edit—the five minute ‘Single Mix’ is only slightly shorter than the album version, and radio edits on UK and US promo releases are lazily faded around the 4:15 mark. Remedying this problem, our friend Andrei has created a custom edit, ending the track perfectly. However, does anyone have the 3:40 edit from this German promo CD?

The Desperate Hours (US Promo)


01 The Desperate Hours (12″ Vocal Mix)
02 The Desperate Hours (7″ Remix)
03 The Desperate Hours (Dub Mix)
04 The Desperate Hours (Alternate Dub Mix)

INFO > “The Desperate Hours” was the second of three singles issued from Marc Almond’s 1990 album, “Enchanted.” The tune was remixed by Justin Strauss for the US single release.

Marc Almond – Jacky

Marc Almond
1991 Sire Records (US)
9 40234-2

01. Jacky (Single Mix/7″ Version)
02. Jacky (Youth Remix/12″ Version)
03. Deep Night (12″ Version)
04. Jacky (Alpine Dub)
05. A Love Outgrown

INFO > Among Marc Almond’s many diverse influences is the oeuvre of Belgian troubadour Jacques Brel. Almond included compositions by Brel on his early solo releases with The Mambas, and later recorded a tribute album, 1989’s “Jacques.” For his 1991 opus “The Tenement Symphony”, Almond covered “La Chanson De Jacky” from Brel’s 1966 album, “Ces Gens-Là.” Produced by Trevor Horn, the song was chosen as the album’s lead single, featuring mixes by Youth, along with two exquisite B-sides.

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Marc Almond – Waifs And Strays

Marc Almond
“Waifs And Strays” (The Grid Mixes)
1990 Parlophone/EMI Records (UK)
CDR 6263

01. Waifs And Strays (The Grid Mix) 04:36
02. Waifs And Strays (12″ Grid Mix) 07:28
03. City Of Nights 05:58
04. Waifs And Strays (Grid Twilight Mix)* 06:36

*Bonus track

INFO > “Waifs And Strays” was the last of three singles issued from Marc Almond’s 1990 album, “Enchanted”; appropriately, the tune was remixed by Almond’s erstwhile partner in Soft Cell, Dave Ball. With lush electronics tempered by sweeping strings and accordion accents, “Waifs And Strays” is one of my favorite productions from both Almond and The Grid.