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Machine In Motion – Color In The Rain

Machine In Motion
“Color In The Rain”
1995 ZYX Music (DE)
ZYX 7807-8

01. Color In The Rain (Rain Tek Radio Mix)
02. Color In The Rain (Rain Trance Radio)
03. Color In The Rain (C-A-D Mix)
04. Color In The Rain (Synthology Mix)
05. Color In The Rain (Original Mix)
06. Color In The Rain (Deep Dub Club)
07. Color In The Rain (Tribal Rain Mix)
08. Color In The Rain (Acid Rain Mix)

INFO > “Color In The Rain” was the second of only two singles released by US synthpop duo Machine In Motion.


Machine In Motion – World In Fascination

Machine In Motion
“World In Fascination”
1992 SBK Records (US)

01. World In Fascination (Radio Edit)
02. World In Fascination (LP Version)
03. World In Fascination (Radio Remix)
04. World In Fascination (Love Machine Mix)
05. World In Fascination (Rave Til Dawn Mix)

INFO > During an era dominated by grunge and hip hop, it was quite an anomaly for an unknown synthpop duo to get a single released, as well as US radio airplay. As Machine In Motion, Houston natives Robert Powers and Robin Stefan issued only two singles, and circulated an unreleased album through their fan club.