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Hey Ho!


01 Hey Ho! (Heavy Mix)
02 Hey Ho! (Instrumental Mix)
03 Hey Ho! (Soft Mix)
04 I Sit On Acid (Original Mix)
05 I Sit On Acid (Remix)
06 For Grown Ups

INFO > Since the late-1980s, Belgian producers Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan), Nikkie Van Lierop (Jade 4U), Olivier Adams, and other collaborators have created New Beat, rave, house, and techno under various aliases, including: 101, Channel X, Digital Orgasm, and M.N.O. 1990’s “Hey Ho!” was the group’s second single as Lords Of Acid; not surprisingly, Disney objected to the sampling of “Heigh-Ho” from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, and so the familiar chant was removed from subsequent releases. The CD single also includes the act’s racy debut, “I Sit On Acid.”