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No-One In The World (1998)


01 No-One In The World (DJB Radio Edit)
02 No-One In The World (Mack Mongoloid Mix)
03 No-One In The World (Frankenstein UV Remix)
04 No-One In The World (Mongoloidian Killer Bees Mix)
05 No-One In The World (LP Version)
06 No-One In The World (In Slacker’s Universe – Master Mix)
07 No-One In The World (Timecode Remix)
08 No-One In The World (Original W.F.O. Mix)

INFO > London born Mark Van Hoen has been experimenting with sound for over 30 years. He was a member of Seefeel in the early-1990s, as well as that band’s offshoot project, Scala. Van Hoen has recorded as Locust since 1993; however, his original mix of “No-One In The World” was initially credited to W.F.O. and appears on volume two of the “Excursions In Ambience” series. The track borrows vocals from the Carpenters’ 1972 single “Hurting Each Other”; this 1998 reissue includes remixes from Bernard Badie, Armand Van Helden & Junior Sanchez, Frank Fallico, Shem McCauley, and Rob Playford.

Love And Rockets – This Heaven

Love And Rockets
“This Heaven”
1994 Beggars Banquet (UK)

01. This Heaven (Album Version)
02. This Heaven (Secret Knowledge Mix)
03. This Heaven (Lost In It)
04. This Heaven (Torched Mix)

INFO > After Bauhaus disbanded in 1983, the goth godfathers went about their separate, gloomy ways: frontman Peter Murphy teamed up with the late Mick Karn in Dalis Car; bassist David J released a solo album and played with The Jazz Butcher; and guitarist Daniel Ash continued side project Tones On Tail with drummer Kevin Haskins. By 1985, Murphy had embarked on a solo career, while Ash, Haskins, and J reunited as Love And Rockets. For their fifth album, Love And Rockets took a departure from their rock sound to produce material more electronically-based. With mixes from Kris Needs and Mark Van Hoen, “This Heaven” was the first of two singles released from 1994’s “Hot Trip To Heaven.”