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French Kiss


01 French Kiss (7″ Vocal) 04:01
02 French Kiss (7″ Instrumental) 04:01
03 French Kiss (12″ Vocal Dance Mix) 09:48
04 French Kiss (12″ Instrumental) 09:51


01 French Kiss (Original Mix) 09:54
02 French Kiss (Innocent Until Proven Guilty Vocal Remix) 09:40
03 French Kiss (Passion Radio Mix) 04:20
04 French Kiss (Back Up Your Conversation Mix) 09:53
05 French Kiss (Hitting Virgin Territory Instrumental Mix) 03:54

INFO > In 1989, Chicago house producer Lil’ Louis (Marvin Louis Burns) cemented his place in dance music history with the international hit single “French Kiss.” Initially released independently on Louis’ Diamond Records, the track was licensed by Epic in the US and FFRR in the UK. Shawn Christopher provided the sexy vocalizations for the original release, while Pasquale features on the European remixes.