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1993 Smash Records (US) / Blunted (UK)
162-440 813-2 / BLNCD 5

01 E (Saranjhi Sunset Mix)
02 E (Album Mix)
03 Blue (Album Mix)
04 Blue (Nush Me Club Mix)
05 Blue (Nush Me Dub Mix)



01 Cold (LP Edit)
02 Cold (Mark!’s Adventurous Mix Edit)
03 Cold (Ralphi’s Club Mix)
04 Blue (LP Mix)

INFO > “Cold” was the third single lifted from William LaTour’s eponymous debut LP. Mark Picchiotti and Ralphi Rosario were on remix duty for the 1992 release.

People Are Still Having Sex (US Promo)


01 People Are Still Having Sex (Radio Edit)
02 People Are Still Having Sex (LP Mix)
03 People Are Still Having Sex (Mark’s Missionary Mix)
04 People Are Still Having Sex (Crunch-Ø-Mix)
05 People Are Still Having Sex (Mo’ Sleezy Mix)
06 People Are Still Having Sex (Ralphi’s Orgasmic Mix)

INFO > William ‘Bud’ LaTour began his professional career as an on-air personality, working at various radio stations in Arizona during the early-to-mid 1980s. That environment fostered his talents for performing voice-overs and writing song parodies, much in the same vein as ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

LaTour relocated to Chicago in 1987 and continued climbing the ranks in radio, while also finding time to start a punk band, The Squids, and work as an engineer in a recording studio. Producing tracks with ‘Housemaster’ Terry Baldwin piqued Bud’s interest in dance music and inspired his next endeavor: solo artist.

LaTour’s debut, “People Are Still Having Sex”, was an unusual and controversial song in 1991, which no doubt helped it’s chart placement: the single cracked the US Top 40 and peaked at 15 in the UK. Concurrent with his mainstream success and underground following with The Squids, LaTour continued working in radio, which has always remained his true passion.

The promotional video features the Safe Sex 7″ mix, which changes the line “This AIDS thing’s not working,” to “This safe thing’s not working.”