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Certain Things Are Likely


01 Certain Things Are Likely (Remix Edit) 04:13
02 Certain Things Are Likely (Original Mix) 07:36
03 Certain Things Are Likely (Garage) 06:18
04 Certain Things Are Likely (Garage Dub) 05:08

INFO > “Certain Things Are Likely” is the second single and title track from Kissing The Pink’s third album. Produced by the band, Peter Walsh, and Phil Harding, the album marked a shift toward a more commercial sound; this move came at the behest of KTP’s label, Magnet, which sought greater success from the group. Remixed by Harding, “Certain Things Are Likely” became a dance hit in several countries between 1986 and 1987. As there was no CD release, multiple sources were used to create this unofficial digital single.

NOTE > Special thanks to RA Feutz for the cover scan :-)

Here’s the original promo video, edited to the ‘Garage’ mix:

And here’s Brian McCombs’ re-edit of Phil Harding’s mix:

Stand Up [Get Down]


01 Stand Up [Get Down]
02 Certain Things Are Likely (EngageDub)
03 I Won’t Wait
04 No One’s On The Same Side (MixeDub)

INFO > Kissing The Pink debuted in 1981 with the Martin Hannett produced post-punk single “Don’t Walk In The Shadows.” The band’s sound quickly shifted into the synthpop spectrum; however, success eluded the group. Under pressure from their label for chart topping singles, KTP adopted a commercial dance style in the mid-1980s, and scored minor hits with “Certain Things Are Likely” and “One Step.” 1988 release “Stand Up [Get Down]” features a non-album track backed by earlier material and mixes.