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Do Ya


Inner City
“Do Ya”
1994 Columbia (US)
44K 77401

01 Do Ya (Single Mix) | 04:00
02 Do Ya (The Reese Uplifting Vocal Mix) | 07:35
03 Do Ya (The Claude Young Mix) | 05:11
04 Do Ya (Carl Craig Build Up Mix) | 05:27
05 Do Ya (Chez D Trent Late Night Dub Mix) | 04:39
06 Do Ya (Sure Is Pure Remix) | 09:55
07 Do Ya (Sure Is Pure Dub) | 06:11
08 Do Ya (Graeme Park Club Mix) | 09:23
09 Do Ya (Graeme Park Dub Mix) | 06:10
10 Do Ya (The Commission Mix) | 06:00
11 Do Ya (The Commission Dub) | 07:31
12 Lovin’ It Up | 03:24

The US CD single of Inner City’s “Do Ya” includes every mix of the track, and the B-side from the cassette single.

Definition Of Love


“Definition Of Love”
1989 Kool Kat (UK)

01 Definition Of Love (Wayne Archbold 7″ Mix)
02 Definition Of Love (Kevin Saunderson Mix)
03 Definition Of Love (Master Reese Mix)
04 Definition Of Love (Magic Juan Trix Mix)

Back Together Again


Inner City
“Back Together Again”
1993 6 X 6 Records (UK)

01 Back Together Again (Mark Taylor Urban Version)
02 Back Together Again (Reese Classic Broken Beat)
03 Back Together Again (Reese Project Dub)
04 Back Together Again (East Village Mix)
05 Back Together Again (East Village Dub)
06 Back Together Again (Reese Phuture Dub Trip)
07 Back Together Again (Reese Radio Mix)

Supernature (Danny Tenaglia Remixes)


01 Supernature (Single Edit)
02 Supernature (D.T.’s Legendary Club Mix)
03 Supernature (D.T.’s Twilo Club Mix)
04 Supernature (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
05 Supernature (Original)

INFO > Musically active for 40 years now, French producer Marc Cerrone was an incredibly influential artist during the height of the disco era and beyond. Released as a single in 1977, “Supernature” is the title track from Cerrone’s third album and perhaps his best known composition. Remixed several times over the years, the track was reworked by Kevin Saunderson, Danny Tenaglia, Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin, and Rachel Auburn between 1994 and 1996.

Written by an uncredited Lene Lovich, the song’s lyrics construct a cautionary tale of the dangers resultant from applying chemicals to agriculture. These “potions” consequently mutate animals, who then exert their new-found power to dominate mankind—in effect, nature exacts revenge upon irresponsible humans.

Regarded as science fiction in the 70s, the song’s message is chillingly relevant today—excessive use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, growth of genetically modified crops and animals, and unchecked factory farming collectively contribute to environmental pollution, destruction of ecosystems, wildlife deaths, and compromised human health. And unlike the fitting fate for humanity posed in “Supernature”, nature has no defense against greed-driven corporations with no respect for the planet.

To learn more about damaging agribusiness, visit Food, Inc.

Discover how diet can improve your health at Forks Over Knives.

Cerrone “Supernature” promotional video:

Big Fun


01 Big Fun (Radio Fun)
02 Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix)
03 Big Fun (Juan’s Magic Remix)

INFO > Released in 1988, club classic “Big Fun” was the debut release from Inner City: producer Kevin Saunderson and vocalist Paris Grey. The track first appeared on Neil Rushton’s seminal compilation, “Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit.” Combining elements of techno and house, “Big Fun” was a very successful and hugely influential single.

Jive Presents In-House Volume 1


01 Samantha Fox – I Wanna Have Some Fun (Fun House Mix)
02 Culture Clash Dance Party – Love Fever (Fever Mix)
03 The She Rockers – Get Up On This (Adonis Mix)
04 Wee Papa Girl Rappers – We Know It (Phosphoric Mix)
05 Children Of The Night – It’s A Trip (Hacienda Mix)
06 Adonis And The Acid Slaves – House Will Never Die

INFO > Kevin Saunderson and Adonis Smith produced and/or remixed most of this 1988 house sampler EP.

Follow Your Heart


01 Follow Your Heart (Reese Original Mix)
02 Follow Your Heart (MK Mix)
03 Follow Your Heart (Reese Trance Dance Mix)
04 Follow Your Heart (Komix Club Mix)
05 Follow Your Heart (Altern 8 Annihil 8 Mix)
06 Follow Your Heart (Reese Deep Space Mix)

INFO > US exclusive 1992 single from Kevin and Ann Saunderson.

The Reese Project – Direct Me (Sasha Remix)

The Reese Project
“Direct Me” (Sasha Remix)
1995 Network Records (UK)

01. Direct Me (Sasha’s 3am Drop Mix Eat Me Edit)
02. Direct Me (Sasha’s 3am Drop Mix)
03. I Believe (Laurent Garnier Mix)

INFO > Released in 1991, “Direct Me” was the first single produced by Kevin Saunderson, his wife Ann Saunderson, and vocalist Rachel Kapp as The Reese Project. Sasha reworked the track into an epic house marathon for this reissue; included as a bonus track is one of Laurent Garnier’s earliest remixes, “I Believe” from 1992.


Inner City – Share My Life

Inner City
“Share My Life”
1994 6 x 6 Records (UK)

01. Share My Life (Ian Levine Radio Mix)
02. Share My Life (Kevin Saunderson ‘Master Reese’ Master Edit)
03. Share My Life (Reese Dub Reese Mix)
04. Share My Life (Graeme Park Vocal Mix)
05. Share My Life (Aquarel Future Sound Of Longton Mix)
06. Share My Life (Parks & Wilson LA Underground Mix)

INFO > High quality house from Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey, accompanied by well-varied remixes.


Outlander – The Vamp (Revamped)

“The Vamp (Revamped)”
1997 R & S Records (BE)
RS 97113 CD

01. The Vamp (Video Edit)
02. The Vamp (Original)
03. The Vamp (Kevin Saunderson Remix)
04. The Vamp (Frank De Wulf Remix)

INFO > Given recent posts over at Within A Constant Groove about legendary Belgian label R & S Records, I thought I’d bust out this classic by Marcos Salon. Founded in 1989 by Renaat Vandepapeliere and Sabine Maes, R & S defined proper techno in the early 1990s with groundbreaking material from Aphex Twin, CJ Bolland, Dave Angel, Model 500, Jam & Spoon, Ken Ishii, and Joey Beltram. A massive rave-era hit upon its original release in 1991, “The Vamp” was remixed and reissued in 1997; among the knob twiddlers is Kevin Saunderson—an appropriate choice given that “The Vamp” utilizes elements of Reese & Santonio’s “The Sound.”